Social Responsibility

Clayton Housing Innovations - Single Section CrossMod™

June 17, 2022

The need for affordable housing in America has never before been so essential for our communities. Clayton’s vision is to develop housing innovations that improve lives and build a better tomorrow. In 2018, This vision led us to work with others within the manufactured housing industry to develop CrossMod™ homes, which represent the best of site-built and off-site built housing.

CrossMod homes are off-site built homes that feature traditional site-built features, such as:

  • An elevated roof pitch
  • A garage, carport or covered porch
  • Permanent foundation
  • Enhanced cabinets
  • Drywall interiors

Single Section CrossMod interior

As part of our commitment to innovation, Clayton has modified the original CrossMod concept to create a single section CrossMod floor plan/home model. This home has the features of a CrossMod home* and could be a real lifeline in the affordable housing crisis for multiple reasons:

  • Attainability: In most markets, a single section CrossMod home could cost under $200,000, including land costs. This price point can help more people achieve the dream of homeownership.
  • Infill and Zoning: Single section CrossMod homes could provide an affordable solution that is small enough for many city lots or established neighborhoods. These homes have a similar look and feel to traditional site-built housing, which can help create more zoning opportunities and neighborhood acceptance than has been available to manufactured homes in the past.
  • Sustainability: The streamlined building process and recycling efforts from home building facilities lead to Clayton homes producing minimal waste.

Our hope is that the single section CrossMod home will help provide home buyers with access to a quality home that has an appealing design, is built with quality materials and provides a more attainable option for most people.

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*Single section CrossMod homes are not eligible for financing programs currently available for multi-section CrossMod homes.

**Waste from construction and installation of detached garage not included.