Social Responsibility

Clayton FIT - Empowering Team Members to Unite, Evolve and Thrive through Fitness

January 20, 2022

Clayton FIT is our company-wide fitness initiative committed to helping our team members unite, evolve and thrive. Periodically throughout the year, we encourage team members in each division of the company to participate in challenges that will help boost their fitness. The Clayton FIT initiative is tailored to each business unit based on the team member needs. During 2020, we wanted to make sure that our team members had the opportunity and resources to keep moving. Check out how our various Clayton Tribes took on and conquered our fitness challenges.

Retail: Our Retail team was challenged to complete as many workouts as they could from our online classes within four weeks.

  • 276 Retail team members took at least one class.
  • 188 Retail team members took at least four classes.
  • 123 Retail team members completed at least eight workout classes.
  • 57 home centers participated in the team challenge to take a 15-minute class together.
  • A total of 269 team members took part in the team challenge with their home center.
  • Home Building Group: Our Home Building Group and Properties Group was challenged to complete a series daily challenges over the course of three weeks. This included 30 jumping jacks in week 1, 20 squats in week 2 and 10 push-ups during week 3.
  • 43 home building facilities and Clayton Properties Group® locations took on this challenge.
  • 2500 Home Building Group team members across the nation participated in the challenge.

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