Our Story

About Clayton

With nearly 50 years of home building experience, we’ve had the opportunity to ‘try a lot of stuff and keep what works’ - from innovative building processes to how we source our materials and more. Our goal is to offer an accessible price point that allows our customers the opportunity to buy a stylish and sustainable new home built with quality materials.

We build our homes using an off-site home construction model which utilizes a network of home building facilities across the nation to efficiently build homes indoors, away from weather damage or the seasonal delays that affect traditional building methods.

The Future of Attainable Housing

As the average household income has stayed relatively flat, new home sale prices for traditional on-site built homes have dramatically increased¹ compared to off-site built housing prices – making traditional homeownership out of reach for many. Though often overlooked, off-site built homes have provided a more attainable, customized building option that is comparable to traditional site-built homes.

One barrier to homeownership has been a lack of financing options for off-site built homes that have financing options comparable to on-site built homes, but a solution is now available with the CrossMod category. We have worked diligently together with other mortgage and off-site built industry leaders to encourage the development of new financing programs that will treat CrossMod homes like traditional housing.

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CrossMod™ Features

• Permanent foundation
• Covered porch, garage or carport
• Enhanced cabinets
• Drywall interiors
• Energy efficient standards and features
• Elevated roof pitch

About CrossMod™