CrossMod™ Homes

A new, stylish and innovative housing category.

What are CrossMod™ homes?

Learn how this new home category is providing beautiful, affordable floor plans with some serious homeowner benefits.


Everyone across America deserves a chance to achieve the dream of homeownership. Our industry has developed a new class of manufactured homes called CrossMod™ that blends the best of site-built and off-site built homes. CrossMod homes offer forward-thinking designs, energy-efficient features and high-end materials without sacrificing the efficiency, quality and construction speed that comes with off-site built homes.

New Appraisal

One feature that sets this home category above the rest is that CrossMod homes can finance and appraise similarly to traditional site-built housing.

Increasing Value

With the construction and aesthetic requirements of this new category of homes, homeowners have the potential to increase property value over time and permanently place these homes in even more locations.

Housing Solution

Off-site construction provides a smart and fast solution to costly new home construction. This new category of HUD-code homes is designed to permanently attach to land and offer the aesthetics and features typically expected in traditional construction.

CrossMod homes represent a housing initiative that will help people looking to buy new homes across the country, including many first-time home buyers forming new households and families looking to downsize as they invest in their futures. These homes will be offered at an accessible price-point, beginning under $200,000 in most markets plus cost of land.

We are committed to offering beautiful, attainable homes that feature a variety of unique styles and energy-saving home features. Follow our journey as we continue to offer more floor plans for sale in the CrossMod home category.

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CrossMod™ Features

  • Permanent foundation
  • Covered porch, garage or carport
  • Enhanced cabinets
  • Drywall interiors
  • Energy efficient standards and features
  • Elevated roof pitch
About CrossMod®