3 Simple Reasons a Clayton Built® Home is so Affordable

Women and a home consultant looking at manufactured homes.

Knowing where your savings are coming from shouldn’t be rocket science, that’s why we broke it down with 3 simple reasons you save when you buy a Clayton Built® home.

The stigma can be that prefab homes are more affordable than site-built homes because they are cheaply made, or aren’t constructed with quality materials… Well, I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t true.

There are a few reasons why a Clayton Built® home is a more affordable option. These simple reasons have created extraordinary outcomes for home buyers, and I’m here to share our secrets with you!

Where the Saving Starts – Material Costs

A bulk of wood in a manufactured home building facility.

Since Clayton Built® homes are built indoors, builders are able to purchase items in bulk and store them away safely inside the facility, helping to prevent potential material damage from the elements.

On-site built homes are typically built one at a time, meaning the excess building materials don’t have anywhere to go. We are big believers in wasting as little as possible! That’s why our extra materials are stored for later use and building facilities can also ensure they’re stocked for each custom home order.

Another way the Clayton Built® team can save is by ordering the exact amount of the materials needed to build a particular home. That means we don’t have to worry about wasting materials or ordering extra materials that may not be used. This keeps home builders and home buyers from having to pay for more materials than are needed.

Keeping it Safe from the Elements – Building Indoors

Manufactured home worker carrying wood in a building facility.

So, you’re building a site-built home and you look outside to see a torrential rainstorm, what does this mean? Depending on what stage your home is at, your new living room may be getting wet. And yes, this also means construction has stopped… Great.

Because our prefab homes are built indoors,each home is safe from the elements while it is being built. So, you, as a home buyer, will know that your living room won’t be rained on and your bedroom will not get snowed in before the roof and walls have a chance to protect your home.

We even created a tool to show you just how cool our indoor building facilities are. Check out the Clayton Built® interactive facility tour to see exactly where your home is being built.

Time is Money – Let’s Save There Too

Several manufactured homes lined up in a home building facility.

Let’s keep this simple. Prefab homes cost less because they take less time to build than an on-site built home. This means that home builders can build a home with less man-power, saving the home buyer on labor costs by the hour.

Even if it means saving pennies, the Clayton Built® team will get it done. Pennies add up, and we know that you have plenty of other things to spend your money on. Getting the home of your dreams shouldn’t be complicated, and that’s why we’ve created a seamless and simple process for you to achieve that dream at an affordable price. So, let’s start the process, get inspired and get you in your home today!

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