What's Your Prefabulous® Style?

Sticking to one home style can be hard! Figure out which Prefabulous® home style you belong with to start creating your dream home today.

So, you were scrolling through your social media timeline and saw a post with the cutest farmhouse living room set.

Then, you were reading a new post from your favorite blogger and you noticed that her bedroom has the most adorable faux fur rug and elaborate color scheme. But wait, does faux fur go with farmhouse?

And then, your neighbor showed you a gorgeous French country dining room remodel they just did, and you were in love.

Um, WHAT? If you have ever found yourself in this position, then you are in what I like to call a style conundrum.

The uncertified definition of my made-up phrase is when you find yourself obsessed with several beautiful home decor styles, but you can't figure out how to incorporate them all into your home! The ultimate dilemma, right?

Well, may style conundrums exist no more! We're here to help you get things straightened out so you can be on your way to your seamlessly styled dream home.

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Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse styled manufactured home with white shiplap walling and wide plank wood floors.

What are some features and colors you enjoy? If you love to be surrounded with a clean, neutral and clutter free design, then a farmhouse style is your perfect match!

The combination of sleek cut lines and rugged natural features allows you to combine versatility with seamless coordination. Elements like galvanized metal, antiqued wood, shiplap walls and more create a farmhouse style that you will absolutely adore!

If the thought of starting from scratch scares you, consider starting with a Prefabulous® home that already has these drool-worthy built-in farmhouse features.

Rustic Style

Manufactured home living room with rustic ceiling beams and copper cylindrical chandelier.

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes find yourself getting lost between the difference between rustic and farmhouse style. So, let’s learn together!

The main difference between the two is the amount of exposed natural elements. If you absolutely adore repurposed wooden beams or exposed stone features, then the rustic style is calling your name!

There are so many ways to master the perfect rustic look. So, reach down deep and dig out the professional home designer that’s in all of us and get started on creating your rustic dream home.

Modular home living room with refinished wooden doors and wooden flooring.

Contemporary Style

Manufactured home living room with large windows and stone book shelves.

Ah, so elegant and sophisticated. These are often words we think about when we describe a contemporary style. Sharp lines paired with cool neutral colors is usually the recipe for a perfect contemporary look.

If you walk into a room and find yourself gawking over perfectly aligned bricks and stripes with concise color coordination from top to bottom, you my friend are a true contemporary fanatic!

Contemporary styles can be so much fun to develop because it gives you plenty of room to express your favorite designs while maintaining a seamless look. And, with so many tips to create a contemporary look on a budget, you’ll have your home looking sleek while your wallet stays happy.

Manufactured home bathroom with copper accents and a marble shower.

Minimalist Style


You just walked into a store full of the CUTEST home décor items. It’s so easy to fill your cart to the brim with bookshelf fillers and table toppers, but let’s take a step back. Sometimes, less is more. If you’re a fan of this concept, then creating a minimalist home may be what’s for you!

Does having a minimalistic style mean your home has to be empty? Of course not! It just means your rooms are equipped with the minimal number of elements that you use and love to create a clean and relaxing look.

A clutter free home mean can mean a clutter free mind, and… to be honest, we could all use a little less clutter in or lives! So, sticking to a simple flower vase or placing one to two pillows on your couch (I know, that’s a hard one!) can help you create the perfect minimalist home.

Now that you’ve learned all about the different style options, you’ve probably started thinking “I’m definitely a __ style expert!” Well, let’s test your knowledge! Find out what home style fits your lifestyle by taking the quiz below.

What's Your Prefabulous Style?

Take this quiz to learn more about what home style fits your lifestyle!

Sticking to one home style can be hard, and quite intimidating might I add! But, with a little guidance, you can be on your way to creating the Prefabulous® home of your dreams.

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