Make Room to Relax at Home with These Tips

A woman on porch pets her dog and holds a wine glass.

Ease into the day and treat yourself with these recommendations for a day full of relaxation. This list will have you lounging in no time!

Got a plans-free weekend or a rainy day and not sure what to do with some hours all to yourself? Moved to a new town and missing friends and family with the long distance? Spend the day giving yourself some self-care. Here are some recommendations for a schedule filled with the love and relaxation we all deserve.

Southern Energy model Primary Bedroom

8 a.m. Sleep In!

Getting a good amount of rest is essential to your physical well-being, so hit that snooze button when you can. Some extra snuggle time into your pillows will start off your day on the right side of the bed.

Large Kitchen with Island

10 a.m. But First, Brunch.

Treat yourself to something delicious for your first meal of the day. Try out a new recipe or make your favorite comfort food like a fluffy stack of pancakes. Need a break from cooking? Have brunch delivered! Want to stay in your pajamas but still hang out with your friends? Plan a video call and eat together. Make a toast to a great morning!

Office and Craft Area

12 p.m. Get Personal.

With a self-care day, do something that makes you happy and zen. Does exercise relax you? Try a new workout like a kickboxing or yoga class online. Practice your favorite hobby or try a new one. Move the couch and learn a ballroom dance with your partner through a video.

Feeling crafty? Whether you have a dedicated crafting space or just a countertop, you can follow instructions on painting a landscape or making a new centerpiece. If you want to self-improve, use your home office or desk to take a masterclass or learn light conversation in another language. Whatever you want to do, take time for you.

Primary Bathroom with Free-standing Tub

3 p.m. Pamper Yourself.

Bring the spa to your own bathroom. Pick your favorite playlist or some soothing music. Throw in a bath bomb or blend a new sugar scrub. Then light some candles and relax in your tub. Have a refreshing drink in hand and soak up all the good vibes. If you really want to feel luxurious, moisturize with a great lotion and pull on a comfy robe.

Spring Porch Table

5 p.m. Happy Hour!

If the weather permits, sit on your porch or patio and take a moment to reflect. You can review the day, all the positives in your life or just enjoy the present. A fragrant tea can help ground you, or you can sip a glass of wine and journal your thoughts. Making time for gratitude can help keep stress down, so take a load off and cheers to a less stressed you!

Living Room with Shiplap

7 p.m. An Evening In.

Keep the self-care going with these ideas for after dinner. Curl up on the couch with some popcorn and watch a lighthearted movie. Virtually tour an art museum or stream a comedy special. Plan a date night at home with your partner. Connect with family and compete in charades or trivia over video chat. However you spend your night, enjoy it with the comforts of home.

Reading Nook

9 p.m. Unplug.

As the day winds down, put down the screens an hour or so before bed. It’s time to wrap up a relaxing day. Settle in with a good book. Do some light stretching. Set a sleepy mood with dimmed lights, an aromatherapy diffuser and white noise or calming sounds playing softly in the background. You’ll wake up the next day refreshed and energized!

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