A Family Dream Come True

Couple stand in font of their forest green cabin home with wide front porch with man holding their new baby.

Did you dream of wide-open spaces when you were a kid? Check out how one family took that dream and is now making it their family’s home!

Last September, Mark and Nicole Undeutsch were getting ready for their first child – their daughter Carter. But after living for several years in Mark’s old farmhouse with his parents, Robert and Virginia, they decided they needed more space for their growing family. So, they took on the task of building the dream home where they would build their life together.

A boy from the suburbs with big Texas dreams

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Growing up, Mark’s family typically lived outside of big cities for his dad’s work – moving from Birmingham, AL to Dallas, TX. Although their proximity to the city was convenient, Mark longed for a life out in the ranches of the Texas countryside. He spent his summers working on farms in West Texas and quickly realized it was where he belonged. After graduating from college, he decided to start looking for property in Kingsbury.

“We all lived in the suburbs growing up where the houses were right on top of each other.” Said Mark, “This place was right up my alley.”

Mark’s dream came to life when he came across a property with a vast 36 acres of land and an old farmhouse. He visited the property with his parents and put an offer in on the same day. Shortly after, he moved into the farmhouse on the land he dreamed of since was a boy.

“No one can tell me what I can or can’t do,” said Mark. “No one can tell me how to hang my Christmas lights up.”

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Life changed, homes changed more

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After living in the old farmhouse with his parents and girlfriend, Nicole, for few years they got a wonderful surprise – they were expecting their first baby! Mark and Nicole quickly realized that it was time to get their own space for their growing family and to find their home.

Mark already had his dream land and now he just needed a home – but they were on a time crunch. They heard about the quality of Clayton Built® homes from friends in Alabama and how they were efficiently built. So, they decided to visit the Clayton Homes of New Braunfels where they met their home consultant, Brock.

“He gave us privacy to look around but was available to answer any questions we had.” said Mark.

Mark and Nicole walked around several homes and toured the Cabin, which is now their home!

“Growing up around rural areas, I was familiar with manufactured housing,” Mark said, “But they are not like anything I remember growing up. They have changed so much.”

Built on time – with a strict due date

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Brock and the New Braunfels team all worked together with the Waco home building facility to get Mark and Nicole into their home before their baby’s due date. They had a strict timeline, but the team believed it was their mission to get them in their home. They wanted the Undeutsches to have the perfect moment of bringing their daughter home from the hospital.

“We moved in on the 16th of September and spent that Sunday night in the home,” said Mark. “The next day Nicole was induced, and Carter was born.”

Now, they have plenty of room to watch Carter grow! With plenty of room and a kitchen perfect for a growing family, Mark and Nicole are building their lives together.

“We have tons of cabinet space and an island that I can use for prep,” said Nicole. “We even upgraded to real granite countertops.”

Building a life for the whole family

Although his parents adored the old farmhouse they were living in – it also needed a lot of repairs and was no longer efficient. After seeing Mark’s and Nicole’s home, Robert and Virginia decided to buy a new home from Clayton as well – the Belle. Mark’s parents were retired and wanted a new home so they could downsize and avoid major home repairs. However, they wanted some specific customizations to make it the perfect home for them. Undeutsch Family Testimonial Texas 2019-39

Brock walked through the home with the parents while Virginia pointed out what she would want changed or upgraded – and then he made it happen.

“We had the option to add on 4 feet to either side, and to put in a real fireplace,” said Virginia.

They also decided they wanted more counterspace, so they replaced the original hood over the stove with a microwave and made the single pantry cabinet a double in the kitchen.

“They have been really good to us. I cannot say enough about them,” said Virginia.

With his parents next door and his brother up the street, the whole family is building their dream life together. A place where they make their own rules and are close but also have their own space – and more efficient homes.

“Life is easier. Our utilities have been cut in half at least…if not more.” said Mark.

But it’s not just about saving on energy bills, it’s about owning a house that feels like home. It’s about taking Mark’s childhood dream and making it his daughter’s reality.

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