Questions to Help Choose an Exterior Color Theme

Exterior of a manufactured home with grey siding and a darker grey roof.

Choosing the right color theme lets you personalize your home and raise its curb appeal! Follow our guiding questions for the perfect color theme!

Although it might not be at the top of the list of the decisions you make when you’re designing your dream home, the color of your siding can be much more important than you think. The color of your home not only affects what you think of your home and how you feel about it, but it can also add value to your home!

Instead of just picking a couple colors that you like or think will look good, choose a color theme. Here are a few questions that can help when choosing the color theme of your home:

What is the environment around your home like?

First, pay attention to what your surroundings are and note what would look good and what might look out of place. Also, you probably want your home to be unique and want it to stand out, but keep in mind that you want it to look good in your neighborhood, so try taking cues from the homes in your area.

How many colors do you want to use?

Exterior of a manufactured home with dual colored green siding.

Depending on the amount of details on the exterior of the home, most homes typically use about three colors (body, trim and accent).

Should you use cool or warm colors?

Exterior of a manufactured home with a orange-brown siding and a large tree in front of it.

Typically, cooler colored homes are more popular in the north and warmer colored homes are common in the south, similar to the weather patterns. But of course you don’t have to stick to that trend.

The main thing to remember when facing the cooler vs. warmer dilemma is that cool colors tend to calm and relax people while warm colors induce excitement.

Is using no color too boring?

Exterior of a manufactured home with white siding and a large porch.

Not necessarily, sometimes it can actually be better. An all-white house will reflect light and can put off different looks throughout the day. Besides, you can always mix in some color with the doors or shutters!

What color is your roof?

Exterior of a manufactured home with green siding and a brown grey roof.

Last, but not least, your roof. It can be easy to forget about, but I highly suggest that you keep it in mind when selecting the colors of your siding and doors!

By answering these few questions, you should begin to get an idea of what kind of color theme you want to use when your building your dream home!

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