The Fountain Family Makes Their Homeownership Dreams Come True

Meet the Fountains—A Blended Family Makes Their Homeownership Dreams Come True

Josh Fountain was very familiar with prefabricated homes, so there was no doubt when it came to finding his family a new home. Find out more about how the Fountain family achieved the American Dream of homeownership as they built their dream home together!

The Fountain family was living in barely 1,000 sq. ft. of apartment space in Asheville, North Carolina with their four kids and two precious pups. Josh, who works as a home center manager for Clayton, knew he wanted to go the prefabricated home route when it came time for his family to pursue homeownership.

A Homeownership Whirlwind

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After months of planning for the build, a few hiccups, an amazing story of finding the perfect land for their home and plenty of dreaming and designing, the family started their Clayton Built® journey in November of 2017.

Josh and Ashley finalized plans with their amazing team at Clayton Homes of Conover—after finding the colors and styles they had their hearts set on—in February of 2018. The home was built by early May, and once on-site construction began, the family was ready to move in within about 60 days.

While the length of time between ordering a home and move in can vary, and build time depends on many factors like model and options selected, location and condition of land and local weather conditions, the Fountains’ 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2,480 sq. ft. home came to life in just 6 months from concept to closing.

Behind the Design

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The Fountains took inspiration from a few places when planning the design of their personalized home.

Josh looked to his dad’s lake house for design ideas, and even modeled their kitchen island after the one that his family loved to gather around at his dad’s. The couple said they’d always loved the colors and styles at the lake house and chose to go with some of the same blue and gray color details throughout their own home.

Ashley looked to their location for inspiration. As they were building their home for the countryside, she leaned toward rustic and country farmhouse style details.

When asked what one of the most important design features of their home was, Ashley quickly responded with “Space! So much space.”

Space for Everyone

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With four kids, ages 7, 8, and 13-year-old twins, and two sweet pups, Josh and Ashley knew that space was a priority. When planning the design of their home, they laid it out so that the kids, and mom and dad, all had plenty of space to call their own.

Maddy and Brenley—ages 7 and 8—share a bedroom. They have lots of space for playing and imagining together with a full bathroom and two walk-in closets.

Joshua and Hunter—ages 13—had always shared a room. In their new home, though, their bedrooms are split, Jack-and-Jill style, by a shared bathroom. This gives them their own space, but still allows for them to come together whenever they want, which was nearly impossible in the apartment they were living in previously.

Josh created his dream man-cave on the 20x20 built-in back-porch. This space features hard surface flooring, a flat-screen tv and a beer fridge for winding down after a long day.

Ashley loves to end the day in the primary bathroom retreat. With a luxury soaker tub, a gorgeous walk-in shower and lots of natural light pouring in, she says it’s the perfect space when “mama needs a time-out.”

As much as everyone loves their respective spaces and loves to spend time in their own oasis, they all agree that the magic happens in the gathering spaces. The kids often find themselves strewn out in the living room talking, watching tv or playing games together. And they all love to gather around the kitchen island for a meal or just to chat—an idea that Josh and Ashley had dreamed of when designing the kitchen space.

Room for Growth, Dreams and New Traditions

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As the Fountains settled into their new home, they talked about what the future looks like and what traditions they were looking forward to enjoying.

“This is our first holiday here. We’ve done Christmas stuff, but it was back at the apartment so it was hard to get into traditions since we knew we were in a transition period, so it was tough.”

With this holiday season being their first together in their new home, the couple said they look forward to just staying put.

Typically, they spent holidays traveling all over and trying to visit everyone, knowing they were in a transition period.

This year Josh and Ashley look forward to turning away from the stress. They’re planning to send out the address of their gorgeous new home telling all their friends and family—“we’re here, the kids are here, come see us!”

The family also hopes to someday put their acreage to good use by adding a few farm animal friends to their tribe.

The Fountains put a lot of heart and soul into building their dream home alongside their Clayton team. Choosing the Prefabulous® life gave this sweet blended family the opportunity to create the personalized dream home they all deserve.

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