A New Life in a New Home

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A place to grow, be themselves and take comfort are just a few reasons why the Pounders family of North Carolina took on their journey to homeownership – check out why the Southern Belle model was their dream come true.

Meet the Pounders Family

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Image courtesy of Jordyn Pounders

Meet Jordyn, Josh and their 5-year-old daughter Madi Grace, the Pounders from Leicester, NC. Jordyn stays at home with Madi Grace and runs her own business redoing furniture while also guiding her daughter through virtual school. When Josh comes home after working in the gas and oil industry, they spend time as a family creating their own homestead – complete with chickens.

A New Home Built from Their Inspiration

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Jordyn and Josh met in 2016 and after marrying in June of 2017, Jordyn and Madi Grace moved into what they referred to as Josh’s “bachelor pad.” “Jordyn came in and made it a home,” said Josh.

After settling in, the family got to work making the house a home. Jordyn had always been into farmhouse style and antique furniture, so they converted Josh’s ranch style site-built home into just that. They painted all the rooms, added shiplap to the fireplace and even converted one of the smaller bedrooms into a primary suite.

“He (Josh) had a beautiful home before, but it was a bachelor pad - colors of red and such. It was a cool place to hang out, but it wasn’t a home,” said Jordyn.

However, the couple agreed they needed a place to truly call their own. A new home to start their new life together – everything they wanted in their dream home.

Finding the Perfect Modern Farmhouse

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Josh and Jordyn realized it was time to go for their dream home.

“We loved the house, but it wasn’t where we wanted to be forever. We wanted to be out in the country,” said Jordyn.

They began searching online and started by looking into building a new home – built exactly the way they wanted. While looking around at different builders, they came across Clayton.

“We started looking at fixer uppers, and then we came across the Southern Belle,” said Josh.

They looked at the home online and searched their area for local home centers that had variations of the model to tour. The next day they went to the Crossland Homes of Asheville, where they met Caleb and got to step inside their future home for the first time.


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“My little girl ran into it and picked out her bedroom – she was in love with it!” said Jordyn. “When we walked in the front door and saw the kitchen I fell in love. I about hit the floor.”

From that moment, they knew the Carolina Southern Belle was the home they wanted to put out in the country – away from the hustle and bustle. A place where they could enjoy their new life and watch Madi Grace and their family grow.

Pounders 6 Image courtesy of Jordyn Pounders

Support in an Unprecedented Time

The Pounders purchased their home in the beginning of 2020; however, soon after COVID-19 hit the country, causing slight delays in construction as builders adjusted to the new normal. Caleb from the home center kept the family informed of the timeline on their home and the precautions being taken to ensure their health and safety.

“Caleb did his best to explain everything to us,” said Jordyn. “He kept us informed. I think we felt very supported.”

According to the Pounders, the virus didn’t drastically change much of their process. They were able to proceed with precautions in place. During the final walkthrough, the family and home center consultant took measures to stay socially distant to ensure the best experience and were in their home by mid-April.

“We were comfortable. Caleb kept his distance and stayed in other rooms,” said Jordyn.

Starting Their New Life


Video courtesy of North Carolina Drone Aviation

“The first walk-through was an amazing feeling,” said Jordyn. “Getting the keys was the best.”

Jordyn, Josh and Madi Grace began moving in the day they received their keys. First, they moved in décor, and according to Jordyn, her car was packed as full as possible! Ready to be home, their first full night in the home was just two days after they received their keys.

Now, they spend their time at home continuing to decorate, raise their chickens and dream. Jordyn runs her furniture business out of the home and Madi Grace often joins in on her projects and decor.

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