Quality and Innovation: Clayton Built® Home Energy Saving Options

Find out how you can save money with energy saving upgrades.

Is saving energy important to you? The fact is, an average household uses around 17.7% of its energy on water heating, 47.7% of its energy on heating and air and 34.6% of its energy on appliances and electricity.¹

At Clayton, we gather energy usage information as a first step to building more energy efficient homes. We believe a house that uses energy efficiently is important not only for the environment, but because we know it’s important to you and your budget.

We offer energy saving options like energy efficient light bulbs, upgraded insulation and low-e windows in each Clayton Built® home, and smart thermostats like the ecobee in our homes. These options will not only make your home as energy efficient as possible, but they will also help save you money in the long run!

Quality and Innovation: Manufactured Home Energy Saving Options


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Do you know how the average household consumes energy? Almost half is spent on heating and cooling while the other half is spent on appliances, electricity, and water heating. A house that uses energy efficiently is important to you, so it’s also important to us!

That’s why we offer energy saving options like energy efficient light bulbs, upgraded insulation and low-e windows for your new Clayton Built® home to make it as energy efficient as possible and help save you money in the long run.

Energy saving options are not all that set Clayton Built® homes apart—the building and construction process itself is world class. Each home is designed, engineered and assembled in climate controlled advanced building facilities that protect the home from weather damage and regular construction delays.

These same building facilities are equipped with dust collection and filtration systems that help protect our team members’ health on site. These systems also reduce the amount of dust pollution that could otherwise impact local communities.

The Clayton home building group has been working toward full ISO 14001 certification which is an international standard for excellence in environmental management and performance. Our commitment to reuse or recycle many of our building materials enables us to reduce energy consumption and the amount of landfill waste we produce.

When you buy a Clayton Built® home, you are getting a home that was built efficiently and helps reduce your energy consumption.

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