Kitchen Countertop Styles for Your Manufactured Home

The kitchen of a manufactured home model with nearly-surround quartz-style counters, a kitchen island and a two-door stainless-steel fridge.

Explore the range of kitchen countertop designs you’ll find in Clayton homes. From marble to butcher-block looks, you have durable and affordable options to fit your personal style.

When people are looking at potential homes, the first room many of them want to see is the kitchen. Often the heart and hub of a home, the checklist for a dream kitchen usually includes sleek appliances, storage solutions and lots of counterspace. And it when it comes to those counters, you want them to be stylish, yet tough enough to handle years of daily use.

At Clayton, we use top, trusted brands in our homes to ensure quality for our customers, while also keeping affordability in mind. Many of the countertops you’ll find in our manufactured and modular homes are made of laminate or solid surface, so you can have a variety of designs to choose from, with the addition of durability and easier upkeep. Whether you want a classic marble-style or a natural wood look, Clayton offers beautiful counters to enhance your kitchen.

Marble-Style Counters

37VLV16763s Stella Kitchen 2020-August 09

The clean and elegant look of marble is a favorite for many, but the elevated expense and maintenance for actual marble countertops can be a headache. Because the stone is porous, it needs to be sealed periodically, and it’s easy to scratch and stain. The high-quality, marble-style laminate counters in our homes offer a luxurious design while being easier to install and maintain.

Trend alert: Continued countertop backsplashes are growing in popularity for 2023. Get the slab backsplash look with this kitchen in the Stella home model.

Granite-Style Counters

Belmont BLN32603A Kitchen 2022 June-3 (1)

Granite has been a popular style of countertop for years. Its wide range of colors, finishes and patterns mean it fits with many different interior styles, from traditional to modern and more. But like marble, it can be expensive and needs to be sealed. In comparison, laminate has the advantage of being able to mimic many designs, including the look of natural stone. So, whether you like a granite style that is more polished or one that’s more honed, you can find an option that matches your kitchen.

Quartz-Style Counters

Epic Series Safari 76CEE32603AH21 Kitchen 2021-Jan 004

Quartz, or engineered stone, is another material that home buyers love in the kitchen. It is expensive, but quartz is easier to install than granite and doesn’t require sealing. It can also have the beautiful veining often associated with marble. If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can have the best of both worlds with Clayton’s counters in a quartz-style.

Helpful hint: If you like the quartz-style counters in the Safari’s kitchen pictured above, many of the homes in our Epic Collection feature them.

Wood-Style Counters

73AFH32663AH Buccaneer Lulamae-Kitchen 04

Wood-style counters are definitely a farmhouse favorite, but they can work well with any interior design that focuses on natural elements, like coastal or boho. Butcher blocks look very similar to solid wood counters with a range of colors, tones and finishes, but, because wood is a soft material, butcher blocks were originally made specifically to withstand being used to prepare meat.

We offer countertops that look like both, from rustic, weathered planks or solid wood with grain detailing. Real wood counters need to be finished and oiled regularly to prevent moisture build up, scratching and warping. With a wood-style laminate counter, you get all the benefits of down-to-earth design with easier maintenance.

Solid-Surface Counters

32SAP32744AH22 kit 11

There is just something about solid white counters that just makes a kitchen feel so clean. Though, of course, you aren’t limited to only one color with this option. Solid-surface counters are manmade and have been described as combining the “strength of granite with the versatility of laminate.” They have a seamless look that works well with any kitchen style.

Two-Tone Counters

76IBM28563AH Kitchen 05

Having a hard time deciding on what counter style you want? Like to mix it up? We have several homes that have kitchen island countertops that contrast with the rest of the counters. Match the sophistication of a marble-style with the charm of butcher block. Play up the contrast of a darker stone-style surface with a lighter one. Find the counter team up you love!

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76IBM28563AH Kitchen 05

We have a variety of countertop styles in our homes, so the available styles, layouts or customizations can vary depending on the specific home models you are interested in. To see what options are available near you, search our Homes page, where you can filter homes by number of bedrooms, price range and features, or reach out to your local home center to schedule a tour of homes in your area today.

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