Top 8 Exterior Window Treatment Options

These 8 exterior window treatment options will complement and enhance your manufactured or modular home's exterior! Let's take a look.

One easy way to add your own style and increase the curb appeal of your manufactured or modular home is by adding customized exterior window treatments! Check out these eight window treatments to find what you'd love on your Clayton Built® home.

1. Wide Frame Window Casing

If you enjoy a simple style but still want to bring attention to your manufactured home's windows, add wide frame casing to your windows. This allows for a clean and modern style like in this Intimidator 3104 model by Cavalier!

2. Window Awnings

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Awnings over your windows not only help protect your windows from harsh weather, but they also add a classic style to your home like they do for The Riverside model by Clayton!

3. Window Planters

If you have a green thumb or just enjoy having fresh flowers around, put planters underneath your windows! Like in The Southern Charm model by Clayton, this will contribute to great curb appeal, give a cozy cottage feel and will brighten up the exterior atmosphere of your home. Try hanging flowers on hooks along the exterior wall, too!

4. Subtle Shutters

If you want to keep it simple, try using shutters that are a similar color to your home or to other exterior accents. The white shutters on the 5628-F131 Freedom Sect model by Schult help bring a cohesive style to this manufactured home with little effort.

5. A Bright Pop

If you're looking for unity in the exterior part of your home, tie everything together with a pop of color! As featured in the Howell model by Cavalier, the shutters around the windows are all the same rustic red, which helps the home look both structured and stylish!

Paint is a simple, cost effective way to make your manufactured home pop, but watch out for what designers call the wrong way to paint a window.

6. Window Ledges

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Window ledges, like the ones featured in The Churchill model by Cavalier, are placed at the base of your windows and add a classic touch to the overall appearance of the exterior of your home! Consider putting a bird feeder or potted plants on the ledge.

7. Slatted Shutters

To add a unique design to the exterior of your manufactured home, include wooden slatted shutters to your windows! Like the ones featured in The Robertson model by Clayton, slatted shutters put a twist on traditional board and batten shutters, which don't have spaces between the boards.

8. Combining Two Styles

Combine the simplicity of having windows with wide frames with windows that feature shutters! The combination of two styles, like the one featured in The Wheeler model by Cavalier, contributes to an eye-catching exterior with great curb appeal.

Your window treatments will add to the personality and tone of your manufactured or modular home. Look for window treatments for a home that express who you are!

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