Manufactured and Modular Home Landscaping

Manufactured and Modular Home Landscaping

Learn how to spruce up your home with landscaping tips!

One of the first impressions that your guests will have of your home will come from your manufactured home landscaping. Having the ability to landscape can be an advantage to owning a home of your own and comes with many benefits.

Benefits of good manufactured/modular home landscaping:

  • Improves curb appeal
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Reduces your energy bills1
  • Improves the air quality and is beneficial to the environment2
  • Lowers the possibility of the drainage system eroding

Tips to help you avoid common landscaping mistakes:

  • Prepare a strategy and stick to it
  • Consider every part of your land in your plan, even the hardscape (ex. Retaining wall, sidewalk, etc.)
  • Plan a budget as landscaping materials can add up quickly
  • Plant trees or plants in areas where they will grow well
  • Landscape areas that have steep slopes or grades as soon as possible to control erosion and make the area more stable
  • Remember to edge your sidewalk, garden beds and other landscape features using a trimmer so the grass is cut vertically to create a defined border
  • If you build a water fountain, place stones around the screen and foundation to make it look more natural


Protect your manufactured or modular home from roots:

Tree roots tend to be quite invasive if they’re not handled appropriately. A few common areas that roots can interfere include your lawn, walkways, and driveways. Roots may also enter underground pipes and cause blockages.

To prevent plant roots from intruding on your walkway or driveway pavement, provide at least 4 feet between the plant and the pavements.

With trees, surface roots typically are the biggest issue because they can cause a walking hazard or problems when mowing. The best solution for these roots would be to surround the tree with mulch or wood chips.3

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid any unnecessary setbacks when it comes to the landscaping around your manufactured or modular home. If you’re searching for more ways to improve the curb appeal of your home, consider trying to spruce up your sidewalk entrance!

If you have questions about landscaping and drainage, we recommend you speak with a landscape professional for specific information about your home and community

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