What Insulation is Used in Clayton Built® Homes?

A worker sprays insulation into the roof of a manufactured home inside a home building facility.

The Clayton Built® teams knows you want your home to be cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. But have you given a lot of thought to your home’s insulation and how it makes that possible? Let’s dive into some of the details together!

If you’re anything like me, the word “insulation” usually brings to mind something in an attic that looks like cotton candy or snow. What you may not know is how vital insulation is to keeping your home running efficiently. Insulation is put into a home to help keep the home at a consistent temperature and to decrease the transfer of heat. This means the insulations helps prevent heat from leaving your home during the winter and from entering during the summer.

Having quality insulation in your manufactured home can also help lower your energy costs, because your home’s heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a certain temperature.

What kind of insulation do Clayton Built® homes have?

The exact type and R-value of the insulation used in your new Clayton Built® manufactured home will vary based on the home, the facility where it’s built and the home’s final location. This is because HUD code, which sets certain standards and requirements for the construction of manufactured homes, requires a home be built to one of three thermal load zones based on which state the home will be located in. The thermal load zone then determines the maximum amount of heat transmission, or U/O value, for a home.


Thermal Load Zone Map from Manufactured Housing Institute

What does “R-value” mean?

I mentioned the R-value of your home’s insulation earlier, so allow me to explain a little bit more about what that means for you and your home. The “R” in R-value stands for “resistance” or the ability of the insulation to resist the transfer of heat. So, the higher the number, the higher resistance the insulation has against heat passing through it and into or out of your home.

You’ve probably heard that heat rises, which is why the ceiling insulation usually has the highest R-value. This helps prevent the heat from escaping through the roof area during the winter.

The Johns Manville® or Knaut® insulation in Clayton homes includes:

  • R22 insulation in the floors
  • R13 insulation in the walls*
  • Blown-in R38 insulation in the roof cavity

*Thermal Zone 3 homes will have R21 wall insulation with 2 inch by 6 inch exterior wall studs with R27 insulation in the sub-floor.

Insulation ready to be used in a manufactured home inside of a home building facility.

For an Efficient, Durable Home

Whether it’s added strength in your flooring system or extra protection against the elements, Clayton Built® homes are constructed with families like yours in mind. Using products and materials like quality insulation in every manufactured and modular home we build means your home is designed to last, with energy efficiency in mind. It’s all about providing you a beautiful and innovative home you can enjoy for years to come.

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