How to Throw a Housewarming Party in Your New Home

Ready to throw a housewarming party? Here are housewarming activity ideas, decoration ideas and other tips for throwing a party your friends will remember!

You and family have your dream home all to yourselves and you are finally moved in—You Have it made®!

Whether you’re moving into your first house, or you're upgrading from a previous home, you have reached a milestone by buying a new, beautiful place to make memories. So what better way to celebrate than by showing off to your friends and family with a housewarming party?

Why Throw a Housewarming Party

A housewarming party is the perfect way to show loved ones your achievement in finding a place that expresses your style and hard work! You get to show off your new home and your homeownership achievement in addition to making lifelong memories with your friends and family in your new manufactured home.

Tips For Throwing a Housewarming Party

Here are a few ways to throw a trendy housewarming party our friends will talk about for years and express your hospitality!

  • Make Sure There is Food

It’s simple, people go where the food is. Having tasty treats ready, like a delicious shrimp boil for everyone, will surely entice your guests! You can cook it yourself to show off your new kitchen or even order tasty party trays to display on either your beautiful kitchen island or dining table. The goal is to draw people in to check out all of your new home features. Top it all off with a tasty punch!

  • Decorations

Your home will already express your sense of style, but take it up a notch with fun decorations! From balloons to tablecloths, flowers and more, you can easily set the mood for a fun event. One creative idea is to use paint chip swatches that represent the color of your house to create a garland! If you haven’t painted all of your walls yet, this is also an easy way to get second opinions on color ideas!

  • Lead a Tour

Don’t be shy! Your friends and family will love taking a tour of your new home! This will give you a chance to point out your favorite features such as your new walk-in closet, farmhouse style features, pet-friendly features, smart organization options and more!

  • Have Activities

Although conversation will flow easily with your loved ones, having a few fun housewarming games to play can help break any ice that could occur between your guests. One fun housewarming game idea is to create design inspiration boards to display in corresponding rooms in your house! Since you still might be in the process of personalizing each room, this is a great way to have guests weigh in on what they think expresses you and goes well with the rest of your home. 

Set a date for your housewarming event and invite all of your favorite people. Then at your party, take lots of pics so you can show off your new place and document the best moments! Kick off a lifetime of enjoying your new home by having all your favorite people enjoy it with you.




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