How to Make Your Own Man Cave

Man caves are all the rage right now. Learn how to create a space for him that's relaxing and looks good.

All men need a refuge. In a world of endless tasks, stresses and change, men simply ask for a space where they are truly in control to relax, tinker and decorate (though they may not admit it). This sanctuary of masculinity and escape is known as a man cave.

Here are the steps to creating the perfect manly retreat in your home!

1. Determine The Purpose Of Your Room

The man cave is a customizable room that caters to your specific needs. To build your own man cave, determine what makes you the most relaxed and be creative.

The first step in constructing a macho grotto is to examine the things that make you, well, you. What's your passion? What kind of things take you back to an early spring morning turkey hunt, a college football game in the fall or even a team death match in your favorite video game?.

If you fix and build things, add great lighting and an integrated workbench. If you'e going to watch all the big games, make sure you have comfortable seating, the perfect TV and a fridge.If this is your quiet reading and work retreat, add a desk and your favorite books.

2. Think About The Mood

Den featuring accent wall with built-in shelves, TV and fireplace, as well as beams, ceiling fan, two couches and country decor.

Are you refined or casual? Are you adventurous or easy-going? If you're the classy type who enjoys a fine cigar and a well-fashioned drink, find a small antique hutch with beautiful dovetailed drawers and a classic finish to hold your humidor and favorite bourbons! If you're laid-back and enjoy a good time on the beach, put up an old vinyl of your favorite beach tunes (if you dig that), a beach chair, old boat buoys and a fake thatched roof over your tiki bar. If you're more into gaming, set up a gaming station with the most comfortable chairs and a snack stash!

3. Find Objects Of Inspiration

Decorate with a mounted turkey fan, a large print of lunging large-mouths, vintage oil cans and tools, your prized buck or a shrine to your favorite sports hero against the backdrop of your team's colors.

These nuances are essential to making your space your own, and help you determine your style. The place is yours, so add whatever makes you happy.

4. Plan The Room

Now that you've dreamed up a man cave, start thinking about the nuts and bolts of the project. To begin, measure the dimensions of your room and draw it to scale on graph paper. Then plan your furniture layout. Next, compile a budget for your project. Your man cave can cost as little as $100 or up to the highest number you're willing to imagine.

The key is to compartmentalize tasks by building from the ground up. Start with structural tasks first, like plastering and painting walls, installing lighting. Find furniture to fit your purposes. Once you have all the main tasks finished, you've got a lifetime of tweaking, changing and customizing. It will be your most rewarding personal project!

Here is one of our favorite man cave inspirations from Adventure Journal that shows you how to develop a dream into the perfect domain.




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