How to Fix Holes in Your Home's Underpinning

How to Fix Holes in Your Home's Underpinning

Weather and natural wear and tear can create holes in your home's underpinning, but we've got your skirting repair guide!

With natural weather conditions, it’s impossible to prevent the occasional hole in manufactured home skirting. No need to worry because it can be a quick, easy fix and can be done yourself!

If you'd like to purchase a new section of skirting for the repair, has sections of skirting in a variety of styles. 

If you'd like to repair your manufactured home's skirting yourself, you can take advantage of the following guide to fix holes in your home's skirting!

Materials You May Need

  • Cleaning brush
  • Good cleaning solution
  • Clean rag
  • Measuring tape
  • Vinyl skirting tape (weather resistant)
  • Scissors


1. First and foremost, try to schedule your repair job when there will be pleasant weather for a day or two. Bad weather may cause problems to your repair process.

2. Prepare the area around the hole. With your cleaning material and brush, thoroughly scrub and brush the around the hole, removing any dirt or grease. Anything that may alter the tape from sticking must go.

3. After dirt and grime is gone, rinse, wipe off the area and let it dry.

4. Once it is dry, you should measure the dimensions of the hole.

5. Cut a piece of vinyl skirting tape long enough to cover the entire hole. Place the tape over the hole and make sure it is secured on their properly. (You may add multiple layers of tape, if needed.)

Enjoy Your Home!

Although I hope that you don’t have to use this skirting repair guide, you are now prepared to repair the holes in your manufactured home skirting. For more information on how to take care of your home, check out our Clayton homeownership tips!

*Please consider that if you do follow the guide above and use vinyl skirting tape, it may have a minor effect on proper air flow ventilation requirements that can be found in your homeowner's manual. 

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