How to Choose the Right Clayton Built® Brand for You

Did you know Clayton is made up of different brands? Find out the different brands of Clayton and which could be right for you.

As you begin your search for a new manufactured home, you may be wondering, “Who makes manufactured homes?” At Clayton, we have numerous brands of manufactured homes that we build and own.

One reason we own many brands is that we believe in building homes that are designed for the families who will live in them, so each brand offers distinctive designs in varying price ranges to meet the needs of families of all backgrounds.

However, no matter what the name is, all Clayton Built® home brands are committed to building quality, affordable manufactured and modular homes. A few of our brands include Schult, Norris Homes, Golden West and SE Homes, and each have their own style and price point to better accommodate the varying preferences of each of our customers.

Different brands will be available to you depending on what area of the country you live in. For example, SE Homes are typically available in the south and southeast, and Golden West homes are typically available in the west. You can talk to your local home center about what brands are available in your area.

Things to consider when choosing a home model and brand

  • Your home budget
  • The style of home you want such as a ranch or a Cape Cod style home
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms you need
  • What features you would like such as tile backsplash, range hood, stainless steel appliances etc.
  • What brands are available in your area

Each of Clayton’s brands have their own style and personality to match the families that buy them. All brands carry a variety of homes at different prices to fit different budgets, but some brands may have higher or lower price ranges due to the materials, upgrades and square footage of their homes. Determine your home budget before going to a retailer so that you can set an accurate expectation of what you can afford. Brands available at your local retailers can vary by region, so check with your local home center to find out which brands are available in your area.

Which Clayton Built® brand is right for you?

Are you wondering which Clayton manufactured home brand will best suit your style and needs? Maybe you are looking for a simple three bedroom, two bathroom home with just the basics, or maybe you want a home with a garage and open kitchen.

Whether you spend a lot of time in the living room or enjoy a nice outdoor space, there are plenty of manufactured home style options to choose from. Our brands aim to help home buyers across the U.S. by tending to specific styles and needs.

Take this quiz and find out which Clayton Built® brand may best suit you and your family.

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