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How Manufactured Home Garages are Built

Learn about the benefits of a garage, what steps to take to add one to your manufactured home and how they are constructed

A garage is a feature many home buyers look for in a new home. Many home buyers assume garages can only be found with site built homes, but did you know that certain Clayton Built® manufactured or modular homes can also include a garage option?

Although manufactured homes are built differently from site built homes, there are still countless options available for them.  The benefits of garages include perks such as:

  • Keeping you and your car safe from the elements
  • Providing shelter for your car from tree branches that fall, other cars and kids playing
  • Providing security from theft and vandalism
  • Maintaining the exterior condition of your car, which can help with resale value if you decide to trade in or sell your car
  • Preventing the need to scrape snow or ice from the windows in the freezing cold

The benefits of a garage are convincing reasons why you should consider a garage option for your home.  Your day-to-day routine can be much more enjoyable with the perks of a garage, and adding a garage to a manufactured home can be a smart long-term choice!

So, can you add a site-built garage to a manufactured home?

Adding a garage to a manufactured home is possible.   If you are deciding whether to add a garage option to your home, the best time to make the decision is prior to the selection and purchase of your home so that the garage can be added to the design of your manufactured or modular home before it is built. 

You and your home consultant will need to check with the local building department or permitting office before you choose your home to make sure you both understand all local codes and building regulations that will need to be followed. 

What kind of garage can I add to my manufactured home?

There are 3 types of garages: detached, adjacent and integrated.

  • Detached garages are separate structures that stand alone. These types of garages are easy to add to the property since it is constructed separately from the home and does not have to be connected to the home itself. You can add this type of garage to your property any time.
  • Adjacent (attached) garages are one type of garage that is actually attached to your home, and requires significant planning when attaching it to your manufactured home. An additional door to the outside of the home may need to be planned for as well.
  • Integrated garages are the second type of attached garages. This type of garage shares a foundation and a fourth wall with the home.

How are manufactured home garages constructed?

Garages added to manufactured homes are typically installed over a concrete slab, and all garages are built to the International Residential Code (IRC) for the area where the garage is built per local jurisdiction.

After the manufactured home has been completely set up on the land, and all preliminary planning and code compliance verifications are made, a garage can be added. Planning ahead of time with your home consultant is the best plan of action so you can have more options and are prepared for the on-site construction process.

How to Find a Contractor in Your Area to Add a Garage to Your Manufactured Home

Once you’ve decided to add a garage to your home, it’s important that you find a reputable professional to properly complete construction of your garage. Ask your local home center if they have suggestions for contractors who offer the service in your area. Other things to look for in potential contractors include:

  • Licensing and insurance
  • Experience
  • Quality materials available
  • Testimonials from other customers

Overall, the benefits of a garage are just a few reasons to consider adding a garage to your manufactured home. Curb appeal and resale value may also increase with the addition of a garage. If you decide that you would like to add a garage to your manufactured home, speak with your local home center to learn about your options, and be sure to check with your local building department or permitting office in advance to understand the necessary requirements.

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