How Big Can Manufactured and Modular Homes Get?

Check out the typical square footage of single wide, double wide and triple wide manufactured homes.

When it comes to manufactured homes, size can vary anywhere from homes well under 1,000 sq.ft. to homes over 2,000 sq.ft. Manufactured home sizes will vary depending on how many sections make up the home.

Our Clayton Built® mobile, manufactured and modular homes come in all shapes and sizes. We offer countless floor plans for single wide, double wide and triple wide mobile homes that fit a variety of needs and budgets, but what are manufactured home sizes?

Home Size Limits

Each individual home section size is restricted by your state’s Department of Transportation regulations. For shipping purposes, home sections are limited to being 14’-18’ wide and 66’-80’ long, but the specific dimensions will depend on your state laws. This is to ensure your home is safely delivered to your home site.

 What is the difference between a single wide and double wide home?

Size is the main difference between a single wide and double wide home. Single wide homes often range from 600 sq.ft. to 1,330 sq.ft. or more, depending on the manufacturer. Double wide homes typically start around 1,067 sq.ft. and can go up to around 2,300 sq.ft.¹

Other than the size, there is another difference between single wide and double wide homes, and that is the transportation and on-site construction process. Transportation and on-site construction of the home can change based on the size of the home. Check with your home center consultant on how your manufactured home will be delivered to your home site.

Standard Clayton Built® Home Sizes

Single wide, double wide and triple wide homes come in a variety of sizes. Check out these typical, approximate dimensions for Clayton Built® homes.

  • How big is a single wide home? – Single wide manufactured homes range in size from 14’x56’ to 18’x80’, which is a range of 784 sq.ft. to 1,440 sq. ft.
  • What dimensions are a double wide manufactured home? – Double wide homes range in size from 24’x56’ to 32’x76’, which is a range of 1,344 sq.ft. to 2,432 sq.ft.
  • How big is a triple wide mobile home? – Triple wide homes range in size from 36’x56’ to 45’x66’, which is a range of 2,016 sq.ft. to 2,970 sq.ft.

The variety of home size options help you find the right home for you! Whether you’re looking for a large, open floor plan or a smaller, cozier home, prefabricated homes offer several square footage options for families of all sizes.

Does home size affect pricing?

Sometimes, a larger home will mean a higher cost, but not necessarily! Since manufactured homes can vary greatly in styles and features, a medium-sized double wide could cost more than a larger double wide. It will really depend on what upgrade options and features the home buyer chooses for the home.

Usually a single wide home will cost less than a double wide home based on building and transportation costs. However, some cost-efficient double wide homes could be sold for less than an upgraded single wide home.

You can compare options online at to learn more about manufactured home styles, choices and pricing.

Is it possible to build a two-story modular home?

two story modular home

Manufactured home builders are always discussing and creating new innovations to offer home buyers more variety and quality in their homes. Some builders have even made two-story modular homes! Our Schult home building facility in Richfield, NC has built multiple, beautiful two-story homes in the past. However, this facility is not currently offering any more two-story homes.

Other facilities may offer two-story prefabricated homes, but the offer is very limited. If you are interested in a two-story modular home, talk with your home consultant to see if any floor plans are available in your area.

If a two-story modular home is not available at your local home center, but you still need more space, consider either a double wide or triple wide home. Clayton even has 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom manufactured homes available for families who need more room so that you get the space you desire!

Additional information about Clayton Built® manufactured and modular homes sizes:

  • Our average home size is around 1,500 sq. ft. However, the square footage of our manufactured homes can vary and get as large as around 2,500 sq. ft., such as the GE663K model from Golden West.
  • You can determine the size of a Clayton home by reading the model number, plus much more information.
  • One of the largest Clayton Built® manufactured homes built was a 45’x66’ triple wide home for a home buyer that needed a little more space.

Clayton Built® homes offer interesting customization options for you to make your home truly one-of-a-kind. Check out some of those customizations on our website, or visit your local home center to tour different home models and ask a home consultant about what customization options are available on each home.

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