How Big Can a Clayton Built® Home Really Get?

Manufactured home neighborhood with large front yards.

A long-awaited question finally answered! Let’s dive into how big a Clayton Built® home can really get.

Sometimes, entering new stages of life can be intimidating. Maybe you’re ready to spread your wings and finally move out of a cramped apartment, or maybe you just got news that there’s going to be a new member of the family. Whatever it is, the Clayton Built® team wants to help you embrace these exciting times in your life by providing you with a home that fits your exact needs.

So, if you have a growing family, or simply need more space, we have the home for you. “How big of a home?” you may ask. Well, let’s talk about it!

Clayton Built® Home Sizes

Manufactured home neighborhood with a large cul-de-sac.

When you buy a Clayton Built® home, you have the option of a single, double or triple section home. This simply means that the more sections your home has, the larger it is. The dimensions of these homes are as follows:

  • Single section homes range in size from 14’x56’ to 18’x80’, which is a range of 784 sq. ft. to 1,440 sq. ft.
  • Double section homes range from 24’x56’ to 32’x76’, which is a range of 1,344 sq. ft. to 2,432 sq. ft.
  • Triple section homes range from 36’x56’ to 45’x66’, which is a range of 2,016 sq. ft. to 2,970 sq. ft.

Other than size, there are a few other differences between single, double and triple section homes. This includes the transportation to the site, on-site construction process and price. How your home will be delivered and on-site construction of the home can change based on the size of the home and will be discussed during your home consultation.

When it comes to price, Clayton Built® homes vary not only by size, but by things like materials used, and any upgrades or customization. Since our homes vary greatly in style and features, a bigger home may not always be more expensive.

Can I Build a Two-Story Home?

Two-story manufactured home with large windows and brown siding.

The Clayton Built® team is always discussing and creating new innovations to offer home buyers more variety and quality, like two-story prefab homes! Although we would love to offer a two-story option for all of our home buyers, not many of our facilities can produce two-story homes efficiently.

Some facilities may offer two-story prefab homes, but the offer is very limited. If you are interested in a two-story Clayton Built® home, talk with your home consultant to see if any floor plans are available in your area. If a two-story home is not available in your area, but you still need more space, consider a larger Clayton Built® option like our 4-5 bedrooms homes.

Wherever life may take you, there’s a Clayton Built® home for you each step of the way. But, how do you know which one is for you? Of course, there’s location and size to consider, but what about the specifics like flooring and cabinetry? To help you answer these questions more easily, we created the interactive floor plan. A virtual walk through one of our Clayton Built® homes allows you to toggle through different home features to find the one you love. So, which one is your dream home?

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