Veteran Finds Home with Amazing East Tennessee Views

Manufactured home with yellow vinyl siding placed in East Tennessee.

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What is more peaceful than a home nestled at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains with a view of the mountains and lake? That is where Norman Harrop found his peaceful hideaway in his Clayton Built® home at the new Jenkin’s Farm neighborhood in East Tennessee. As spunky as he is wise, Norman has a life full of stories you will want to sit and listen to him talk about for hours.

Norman grew up as one of 18 children on a farm in Tennessee before enlisting in the military. He spent 12 years and three tours defending his country before retiring, and during his time serving, he worked in construction building shelter and structures for the Army.

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Coming Back to Tennessee

Norman has lived all along the West Coast but has always considered East Tennessee his home. He and his wife spent several years living in the area, but moved back north to Maine until she passed away. Norman then decided to move back to Tennessee and was originally living in a condo before deciding he wanted something more. So, he stopped by the Clayton Homes of Kodak and liked what he saw.

“The experience through Clayton was fabulous. No matter what you wanted they did it for you,” Norman said.

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After working with home center manager Eric Hall, Norman chose the Santa Fe 648A model, a 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom home he planned to have built and located in one of the new neighborhoods overlooking the lake and mountains in Kodak.

“I moved in and I love it out here. It’s quiet. Even with them adding new homes it’s not a problem,” said Norman. “Everyone out here goes out of their way. I have good neighbors and neighborhood.”

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A Home with Plenty of Outdoor Space to Enjoy

Norman was the second homeowner to move into the neighborhood, and wasted no time starting his projects and settling into his new home. He will tell you he started on his favorite room of his home – “outside.”

He started by staining the deck and building his storage shed, as well as planting flowers in his front yard. But Norman’s work doesn’t stop there. He also enjoys being a helping hand around the neighborhood by mowing not only his own yard but several of his neighbors.

“I am going to take care of it. I am 76 years old. I have lots to do here and it tickles me to death. Keeps me active,” said Norman.

What he loves the most is having a big yard for him to spend time outside in, especially his back porch where he can look out at his amazing view. He also makes sure to visit his wife’s burial site every day – because after 46 years of marriage he wants to make sure he still spends each day with her.

If you ask Norman the secret to a successful marriage, he will tell you, “I never told her no.”

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