All-Natural Cleaning Products in Your Home

A woman smiles while cleaning her kitchen windows with an eco-friendly cleaning spray.

Keep your home clean while staying green with this breakdown of the benefits of products made with natural ingredients and how to use them.

We’ve all used conventional cleaning products in our homes and then looked at the label and wondered what exactly those ingredients are. After we finish our cleaning routine, however, we don’t always give it much thought. You may think a strong chemical smell means your home is sparkling clean, but are those chemicals really needed?

Green cleaning has risen in popularity in recent years, and so has the number of available products on the shelves. Some companies have even pledged not to use known harmful chemicals in their products, making the cleaner search easier for families. If you’re looking to clean with more natural, eco-friendly materials, check out these products.

Most green products advertise they are green and don’t use harmful ingredients. You can also see all the ingredients on the label, so you’ll know what is in them, unlike some other products. However, some “green” products may not be as green as they claim, so always check the labels and stay away from products that don’t disclose what’s in them. Also watch out for additives like formaldehyde, ammonia, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. Many of these ingredients are skin or lung irritants, and some are carcinogens.

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Benefits of Green Cleaning Products:

  • No harmful effects from accidental contact
  • Boosts the quality of the indoor air of your home
  • Less exposure to toxins in the long term for your family and pets
  • Won’t damage surfaces over time like traditional products can
  • Better for the environment

Remember that when cleaners go down the drain, what goes into our water and food systems eventually comes back to us!

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What Cleaning Products Can I Use Around the House?

Looking for budget friendly options with minimal ingredients? No problem! You can get the same benefits from homemade cleaners as from traditional cleaners. Just look in your kitchen cabinets. Generally, everything in your home can be cleaned with baking soda and vinegar. Not only is this power duo cost efficient but it’s also completely harmless to you and the environment.

It may take more time and scrubbing power than with a cleaning agent like bleach, but a baking soda and vinegar mixture can:

You can also keep it natural with even more options for inexpensive alternatives for green cleaning using simple household ingredients like rubbing alcohol or Borax. You’ll breathe easier knowing your home stays fresh without unsafe ingredients, while saving a little money along the way.

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