Family Brings Color to Farmhouse Style

Dining room with wooden table, wooden chairs, large windows and farmhouse decor.

Are you looking for DIY farmhouse inspiration? The Dunavant family’s unique take on their Clayton Built® home is the colorful, modern farmhouse you’ve been looking for.

Farmhouse homes have increased in popularity the past few years and have evolved into different variations and mixes of farmhouse style. However, what do you do if you love a farmhouse home but also want color outside of the traditional neutral colors that usually come with the style? That’s exactly what the Dunavant family experienced when shopping for their dream home. So, they purchased a home from Clayton and then added their own personal touches to create a truly one-of-a-kind home.

Cheyenne and Sean Dunavant currently live in Kentucky with their two sons, Colton and Hunter. Living in Kentucky has been a dream come true for Cheyenne, who trains horses. They currently run a horse farm on their property, where Cheyenne spends time training and rehabilitating around 6-7 horses at a time while raising their two sons and working on her master’s degree.

Man, woman and 2 small children sitting on floor next to Christmas tree. Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Dunavant

Finding the Perfect Land

Originally from Connecticut, Cheyenne always envisioned having her own farm one day where she could have horses and a farmhouse. Four years ago, she and Sean came across an opportunity to buy 25 acres from a family in Kentucky. They knew this land would be the perfect site for their dream home, and it came with an older home that they could live in while they built their new house. They purchased the land and moved into the home on the land while saving and determining what to do next. After giving birth to their second son, they decided it was time to start searching for a new home to build on the property.

“We wanted more space. We had outgrown the home,” said Cheyenne.

Choosing Between a Site-Built Home and an Off-Site Built Home

The Dunavants began their search for the perfect farmhouse home/floor plan to build. They knew they wanted something that could be built as soon as possible so they could get out of the older home they were currently living in. Since the time it would take to build a site-built home was longer than they wanted, they decided to look into building a new prefabricated home. Sean came across the Emma Jean on Facebook and showed the home to Cheyenne. They continued to weigh their options, and a year later made the move to visit an independent home center.

“It was between this home and the Liza Jane, but what sold me was the kitchen,” said Cheyenne.

Manufactured home kitchen with white cabinets and a teal island with wooden counters. Photo Courtesy of Cheyenne Dunavant

The Dunavants wanted to make sure their boys would have plenty of space and liked that the Emma Jean had an adjoining bathroom for the boys as well as a fourth bedroom if they decide to expand their family further.

“I fell in love with the home immediately. For me it was the fact of how much it looked like a home,” said Cheyenne.

Primary bedroom with green accent wall, white bed, brick accent wall and fireplace. Photo Courtesy of Cheyenne Dunavant

Making Their Home Unique

Sean and Cheyenne purchased their home and began thinking up ideas – including a few adjustments to the floor plan.

“I liked that we were able to flip the floor plan. When you walk in, the kitchen is on the right, but I wanted it on the left,” said Cheyenne.

Once the home was set on their land and ready for them to move into, the Dunavants were excited to get started on adding their own unique touches to the home. With an eye for DIY and color, Cheyenne began painting the walls in different rooms according to her vision. They put up wainscoting in the primary bedroom and created a brick accent wall, as well as adding a gorgeous pop of green to the room. However, before they got to business, they made sure to document the first time they set foot in their new home.

“It was the first time that our house got put together. When we came in and we took a selfie and we were so giddy and happy,” said Cheyenne.

Woman, man, toddler and baby smiling at the camera. Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Dunavant

In the kitchen, Cheyenne wanted the large kitchen island to really catch the eye, so she painted the island’s cabinets a beautiful teal color that adds the perfect tone to the room. Other projects included painting their sons’ rooms fun accent colors as well as adding wallpaper to some rooms. Their farmhouse home pulls together a gorgeous mix of the classic woods and neutrals with modern pops of colors.

Nursery with dark wood crib and table, white wainscotting, dark green wall, blue rug and light blue curtains. Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Dunavant

Now the family is enjoying decorating for their first Christmas in their new home.

Two young boys in plaid shirts sitting on the floor in front of a fireplace. Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Dunavant

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