Denver Family Finds Attainable Housing

The Cebreros family standing on their porch

The Cebreroses, a family of six living in Denver, wanted a place to call their own. On2 Homes in Denver was the perfect solution for the space they needed at an attainable price. Keep reading to see why their new home has been a good fit for their family.

When Kayla and Juan Cebreros relocated their family from California to Denver in 2018, they moved to an apartment while they saved up for a house. However, Denver has one of the worst housing shortages in the nation, so finding an affordable home seemed nearly impossible.

"When we first thought about buying a home, we thought we need to save," Kayla said. "But realistically, houses are so expensive (in this area), so we didn't know how much longer it would take us."

Kayla and Juan have been together for more than 10 years and had always rented. But Kayla's mom Marilyn, who is one of their biggest supporters suggested they buy instead of rent.

"(My mom's) big thing was, when you pay rent your money doesn't go anywhere," Kayla said. "They can keep increasing your rent. In a house, your payment stays the same and you're putting money somewhere where you will eventually get something out of it."

An exterior of three On2 Homes in Green Valley Ranch neighborhood

This is where Oakwood Homes, which is part of Clayton Properties Group® and builds homes in Colorado, Arizona and Utah, came in. In 2022, in response to the housing crisis in Denver, Oakwood Homes launched a new brand, called On2 Homes. Currently, On2 Homes features 96 single-family homes in Green Valley Ranch, one of the fastest-growing communities in metro Denver. They offer four different 2- and 3-bedroom floor plans with list prices starting in the $300,000s at a time when median home prices in Denver start around $600,000.

The Cebreros family standing on their porch

The Perfect Fit

Kayla's stepdad Mike found out about On2 online, and with help from him and Kayla's mom, Kayla and Juan decided to look into the homes. They contacted On2 and connected with Stephanie Thornber, an On2 home consultant.


"For us, we didn't think buying a home would happen, but Stephanie supported us through the home process," Kayla said. "A week after showing us the house, we were under contract. The whole process (of buying the home) was really quick. It wasn’t what we expected."

The Cebreros family bought the 1,167 sq. ft. Torus floor plan floor plan, a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home that's the perfect fit for them and their four kids, Erick, Athena, Nathan and Avyanna, plus their two cats, Fur and Keemo. The two-story home gives them privacy, while the two living areas provide perfect spots for the whole family to gather for quality time together.

On2 Customer Testimonial 2023 August 030

What helps make On2 Homes more affordable is the combination of off-site and traditional on-site construction, which means a shorter time to build the home, with less waste and more efficient use of materials. The homes' innovative design and installation process is also energy efficient, helping reduce utility costs to benefit the homeowner as well as the environment. Plus, the neighborhood's xeriscaping requires minimal maintenance and helps reduce water use and costs.

"As a parent, you only want the best for your kids," Kayla said. "When you have a place to call your own, it's a pretty cool feeling. We can (now) paint their (kids') rooms, and (Ayvanna) is going to grow up here; she's only two. It's the perfect house for us."

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