Add Some Color with These Fresh Fall Design Trends

Don’t fall behind this season! Which newest trend will you incorporate in your home?

You just walked outside and noticed a light, cool breeze run through your hair… Taking dozens of vibrant leaves off the trees and right into your front yard. Hold on, is it fall already?

With a busy life, it’s easy to get distracted and fall behind on seasonal décor, and that’s okay! But, I’m here to tell you that dipping into your decoration storage bin full of fake, bright orange pumpkins and faux leaves IS NOT an option this year!

That’s right, we have for you the latest style trends for all things fall. Let’s take it room by room, color by color and piece by piece. Time to get started!

An Entrance to Remember – The Entryway


Your entryway is the first thing people see, so we want to keep it clean, inviting and factor in colors and features that really pop. Large statement pieces like wagons, hay bales and decorative stools are great for keeping things simple while also giving you a place to display your other decorations!

One of the trendiest outdoor decoration tips this season is incorporating bright neutrals. What do I mean by that? Stark whites and bold charcoals are perfect for an eye-catching look. You can add these bright neutrals in by using gorgeous seasonal mums, pine cones, white pumpkins and subtle greenery.

A Festive Look Throughout - The Living Room


When it comes to the living room, subtle seasonal changes are key. This is an area where you can incorporate a variety of color schemes to show off your diversified style! Don’t get me wrong, you can still keep the traditional oranges, yellows and reds, but factoring in other colors is the key to a trendy look. Some of these colors include:

  • Emerald
  • Dusty Rose
  • Violet
  • White
  • Turquoise
  • Charcoal
  • Marigold
  • Berry

Alright, enough with the colors! Let’s get into the actual decorations. Changing out pieces like your accent pillows and coffee table topper is a simple way to display your décor without having to go overboard. This season, neutrals, greenery and galvanized pieces are all the talk… Plus, they’re easy to match with almost any current living room style.

Where the Gathering Begins – The Kitchen


Oh boy, decorating your kitchen can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. We both know that this is a high traffic area, so picking out decorations that will show off your inner professional designer while not getting in the way of your daily habits can be tough, but we’ve got it figured out!

Using decorative place settings is a fun and natural way to display seasonal décor. Add place mats, colorful napkins and the rest of your typical table setting utensils for a trendy fall display.

Kitchen table toppers aren’t the only thing in your kitchen that needs a little fall attention. That’s right, I’m talking accent tables and wall décor. Hanging modern statement pieces on your walls and changing out your current accent table toppers for various shaped pumpkins in neutral colors is another seasonal décor tip that’s rising in popularity.

No matter what season it is, we want you to be up to date on the latest and greatest. Trendy décor is one of our passions, and one we feel can inspire so many homeowners! So, why stop here? Let’s get inspired on all things fashionable.

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