All About Clayton Built® Home Carpets

Clayton Mobile Home Carpets - Your Choices and How to Clean Them

Can you upgrade your manufactured home carpets? Yes, you can. Depending on your local home center, you could have quite a variety of carpet weight and color choices. Learn more about your options!

Whether you;re a first-time home buyer or have owned a home before, when you choose to buy a Clayton Built® manufactured or modular home, you often get to make customization decisions about what you want the inside of your home to look like, including what type of flooring you want.

People often ask, "Can you upgrade manufactured or modular home carpets?" Many home buyers also want to know about mobile home carpet cleaning, so we're here to tell you about your options for carpet in manufactured homes and how to it.

Clayton Built® Carpet Options

We are able to offer numerous manufactured home flooring options because we purchase in bulk from trusted brands like Shaw that offer quality flooring with many style options.

Many of these brand names allow Clayton to customize the flooring styles we offer home buyers so that you get a unique design. These partnerships allow you to select the unique Clayton designed flooring style you want at a low price you like.

If you're looking for a specific carpet material in your Clayton Built® manufactured home, some brands we partner with offer polyester carpet. Polyester has one of the best hands, or softness, of any carpet. It also has a great appearance, keeping its color even when chloride based products, common in cleaning products, are spilled on it.

If you choose to upgrade your carpet, there are different carpet upgrades that one of our friendly, knowledgeable home consultants can tell you more about.

Some of our home building facilities offer varying carpet weights in the homes they build as carpet upgrade options. The availability of carpet style upgrades and carpet material options will vary by home building facility.

Other manufactured home carpet upgrades include the thickness of the padding and the padding density. Depending on which home building facility builds your new manufactured home, you could have the option of a carpet padding upgrade.

Most Clayton carpets have a padding with a thickness between 4 and 5 lb per foot for comfort or 7/16"thickness. There are also different types of carpet pad depending on the type of carpet you select.

At most Clayton home building facilities, we use re-bond cushioning for carpet padding and a few will use solid foam padding. A lower padding density will have a softer feel under your carpet while a higher density padding will provide you with better support as you walk around your home.

And of course, our carpets come in a variety of hand-picked colors that you'll love. At your local home center, you can browse through the hand-picked color styles available in homes in your area.

How to Clean Manufactured Home Carpets

When it comes to your manufactured home floor, you should clean and maintain your carpet regularly to ensure it feels, looks and smells as good as new. Cleaning your carpet is good for the health of your family because it can reduce the number of allergens and dust mites in your carpet.¹

Clayton Home Carpets - Your Choices and How to Clean Them


Also, for manufactured home carpet cleaning, we suggest that you have it professionally cleaned at least once a year to maintain the look and durability.

Of course, there are plenty of other tips on how to clean manufactured home carpet and plenty of cleaning methods. See what works best for your manufactured home floor and you'll have your home looking as good as the day you bought it.

Stop by your local Clayton home center today to take a tour through a fully furnished model with carpet or check out Clayton Studio to see how our homes are built and how the carpet is installed.

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