3 Types of Kitchen Sinks for Your Clayton Built® Home

3 Types of Kitchen Sinks for Your Clayton Built® Home

Dreaming about your ideal kitchen? Check out this post to learn about three types of kitchen sinks to consider!

Are you thinking about what you want your dream kitchen will look like or looking to remodel your existing kitchen? Maybe you have no idea where to start or you already started but don’t know what the next step is.

We’ve previously talked about how to paint your cabinets and decorating your kitchen table, so now we need to figure out what kitchen sink you should have installed!

There are so many different options to choose from which makes it even more difficult. Instead of standing in the store staring aimlessly at all the choices, take a look at the types below and find out which would work best for you! This will at least give you a sense of direction to point your gaze.

Farmhouse/Apron Front Sink

The apron front style sink, most commonly known as a farmhouse sink, is distinguished by the front of the sink showing in place of the fake cabinet drawers. This is my dream sink; one day I’ll get around to putting one of these in my house! These can have one wash basin or two.

One question to consider when deciding between the number of basins you want, is do you ever hand wash anything? If so, you may want to stick with the more traditional double basin.

Some of these types of sinks are over the counter mounts, while some farmhouse sinks are undermounts. Don’t forget to top this sink off with a beautiful matching farmhouse faucet and other Clayton Built® farmhouse features!

Undermount Kitchen Sink

This sink sits under the countertop. It is excellent for creating that clean, smooth transition from the counter to the sink. When choosing this sink, you will need to think about your countertop.

If you have a softer counter such as one made from laminate or tile, you may want to reconsider choosing this type of sink.

If the seal between the lip of the sink and counter is not up to par, it can cause unwanted moisture under the counter top. This can lead to rotting of a laminate/particle board counter and weakening of tile. An undermount sink can come with one or two wash basins also.

Topmount Kitchen Sink

If an undermount is a little too risky or won’t work with your countertops, you can always go with a top mount or over the counter mount. This is your most common type of sink that simply sits down in the area cut into your countertops. This is the most affordable and easiest route to take.

Still undecided on which type of kitchen sink best suits your family? Visit your local home center to view lot models and find your favorite kitchen layout today!

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