What Does a Rheem® Water Heater Mean for Your Home?

Close up of a Rheem® water heater in a Clayton Built® home.

The Clayton Built® team knows our homeowners deserve quality and reliability, and that’s why we chose Rheem®! Find out why a Rheem® water heater is an important part of your Clayton Built® home.

When you’re deciding which home to buy, what are some aspects you take into consideration? Many of us look at the number of bedrooms for a growing family or if a particular open floor plan can accommodate legendary family game nights and get togethers.

Once we analyze the initial idea of the house, we then delicately pick apart important features like flooring, cabinetry, showers and hardware. It’s these small details that combine to make a home truly great. But, one aspect homeowners typically don’t pay close attention to is their water heater.

Picture this: It’s a freezing December evening, and all you can think about is going home to a warm bath… only to find out your water heater is broken. A water heater is a HUGE part of your day to day life, so it has to be both durable and reliable. This is why the Clayton Built® team uses Rheem® water heaters. Want to know why we chose to rely on Rheem®? Let’s talk about it!

Why Should You Trust Rheem® in Your Home?

A Rheem® water heater in a manufactured home that is still under construction.

Rheem® is one of the largest manufacturers of water heating products in the North America, which is why the Clayton Built® team trusts them to supply our homeowners with quality and innovative water heaters. Their 40-gallon tank, dual element water heater comes standard in every Clayton Built® home, which means you can have hot water longer.

We seek out companies that have the same passion for providing homeowners with new and innovative technologies, at a price that won’t break the bank. Rheem® is known for its industry-leading technology and next-generation energy efficiency. Because of our commitment to filling your home with quality products and materials, you can rest easy knowing your water will be hot and you won’t waste money due to a costly and non-efficient water heater.

And if something does go wrong, your Rheem® water heater is backed by a warranty of 1, 5 or 6 years, depending on the model number. You can also register your water heater and verify your warranty online for added convenience.

What Does a Rheem® Water Heater Mean for You?

Manufactured home primary bathroom with a large glass shower.

So, we’ve talked about how having a Rheem® water heater means durability and reliability in your home, but what about the efficiency aspect? The Clayton Built® team wanted to find a company that was committed to making a difference with their products. That’s where Rheem® comes in.

When your home is filled with efficient products, such as a Rheem® water heater, the savings can go beyond when you first move into your home. With continuous innovative advancements, Rheem® works to develop a product that can help save you money in the long run. With features like automatic thermostats that keep water heated to your desired temperature, or the EverKleen™ self-cleaning system to work against sediment build-up, the Rheem® team is constantly working to create a product that can make your life easier.

We care about the little details, which is why we partner with some of the world’s leading home building brands on products found throughout your home. Whether it’s your trusty water heater, durable cabinets or residential locks, the Clayton Built® team is committed to creating homes with modern and reliable features at an affordable price.

Are you wondering what else makes up a Clayton Built® home? To answer that question, we invented a handy virtual tool that allows you to take apart a real Clayton home to see exactly what’s going on inside. Let’s check out Clayton Unbuilt!

EverKleenTM is the trademark of Rheem Manufacturing Company.

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