Clayton Connect - Bringing Your Home to You

Clayton Connect - Bringing Your Home to You

Clayton has added a new business unit called Clayton Connect to ensure your mobile or modular home is in top condition when you get it at your home center!

Clayton has added an innovative business unit called Clayton Connect to improve how we deliver homes to our Clayton Family of Brands Retailers! Most manufactured home builders do not currently own and manage their own home delivery trucks, so we are proud to introduce Clayton Connect as an innovative way to enhance the customer experience we provide to every home buyer.

I personally got to speak with some of our new Clayton Connect employees and was really excited to hear their positive perspectives!

One of the new Clayton drivers described the transition as a great improvement for her. The reason she is excited to work for Clayton Connect is because Clayton is really taking care of her.

She says that the family setting means employees care for one another. She says Clayton Connect also ensures improved safety for her, other drivers and for the homes they deliver because Clayton makes sure that drivers don’t speed down the highway. She described the change from leasing her truck to being employed full time by Clayton Connect as a positive, exciting change.

An Improved Customer Experience

Brad Taylor, who directs the division’s safety, said that Clayton Connect allows Clayton to improve the customer experience by enabling Clayton get feedback from home centers about each home delivery. Now, Clayton can make changes based on feedback instead of not being able to manage the home delivery drivers.

Getting more control over each home from the start of the home building process all the way to the home center lets us make sure we give you a home that meets our high quality expectations!

Taylor also mentioned that Clayton Connect lets us make sure we have home delivery drivers who uphold our commitment to high quality customer experience. For instance, the new driver I spoke to was already in a habit of taking in feedback she heard from home centers. When she heard a home center manager talking about how the home’s cabinets should be secured with rubber bands during delivery, she started keeping rubber bands in her truck for the cabinets!

Clayton is fully committed to making sure your home arrives in top condition, and that means having dedicated team members throughout your whole home building, delivery and buying process.

Clayton’s Connect division is yet another amazing way for us to continue making each and every customer’s home buying experience even better!

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