The Farmhouse Remodel Dream Team

Family sits on couch in farmhouse living room in front of a shiplap wall.

Watch to see how and why this husband and wife duo decided to renovate their first Clayton Built® home and how they became home design influencers during the reno.

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What if instead of waiting to live the dream, you decided to create it yourself? That’s exactly what one husband and wife duo outside of Austin, TX, decided to do. Weston and Ashley Beseda, also known as Cotton + Copper on the internet and social media, began their journey in 2015 when they purchased their first home. Since then, they have created a home and documented their journey while they completed several beautiful and affordable interior design projects.


An exciting first home purchase

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“We didn’t want to rent. You know, that’s just throwing money away. After we pay it off its ours,” Weston stated.

Ashley and Weston were living in a small cabin when they learned they were expecting their first daughter. That’s when they decided they needed a home with more space. Ashley’s mother offered to let the young couple build a home on her 30-acre property. After a quick search, they found their home at the Clayton Homes of Brookshire. After looking at several houses, they purchased the Infinite Value model and got settled into the home where they would grow their family.

“The process only took about two months and then they were able to deliver it here,” Weston recalled.

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Bringing their dream to life

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“When we first looked at it, I had not planned on doing anything to it,” said Ashley.

After three years, and three kids, the Beseda’s lives had definitely changed. Their family had grown, Weston was working in the oil fields and Ashley had become a stay at home mom so she could care for their kids Kaylyn, Raelyn and Cane. The couple began discussing their plans for their home and decided they would rather renovate this home now and then build a new one later. Ashley decided she wanted to change the home to fit her family’s needs and lifestyle. Cotton & Copper Beseda Family Testimonial 2019 -91 - Bedroom - 38SLT28443A

“Having a home I love makes me happy,” said Ashley.

Ashley quickly began planning projects, finding inspiration online and by following other bloggers. Their first set of projects included building a corner shelf in the kitchen to place spices and drink mixes on. Ashley and Weston worked together to find the right materials and Weston used his handyman skills to help bring her vision to life. As their projects grew – so did Ashley’s vision for their home and for her own home design business – Cotton + Copper. Now, Ashley documents their beautiful farmhouse style remodel that features white tones, warm woods and even some trendy shades of black that have added character and a personal touch to their home that’s worthy of any home decor magazine. Cotton & Copper Beseda Family Testimonial 2019 -93-Coffee Bar - 38SLT28443A

“My favorite thing about farmhouse style are all whites and the woods,” said Ashley.

A dream farmhouse kitchen remodel – by a perfect duo

Ashley and Weston have completed several remodel projects worthy of notice, including their living room anyone could kick back in with a cup of hot cocoa and a laundry room that makes cleaning dirty clothes seem pleasing. But the biggest remodel? That would be their farmhouse style kitchen. This space is often featured on Ashley’s website and social media accounts and is something her followers definitely enjoy. Cotton & Copper Beseda Family Testimonial 2019 -95 - Kitchen- 38SLT28443A

Ashley and Weston first added more cabinets, a window seat to the kitchen and painted the cabinets white. They used a faux brick paneling they bought online and joint compound to create a German shmear look as their backsplash – which is definitely one of our favorite focal points of the house. Next, they added concrete countertops and open shelving to bring Ashley’s dream kitchen to life. Cotton & Copper Beseda Family Testimonial 2019 -97- Kitchen - 38SLT28443A

The dining room table is another one of our favorite features in the home. Weston built the table himself. Ashley used items from a variety of places, including local markets and garage sales, to create the centerpiece and table settings. You can find similar items by following her on her Cotton + Copper website. Cotton & Copper Beseda Family Testimonial 2019 -98- Kitchen - 38SLT28443A

A home that defies prefab stigmas

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It’s no secret that prefabricated housing can get a bad rap – but Ashley and Weston’s home definitely shuts down some of the most common stigmas.

“Everyone has kind of that same image,” Weston explained. “You know when we went and looked at them, [we were] pretty amazed at how well it was built. So. Real nice.”

Ashley uses her website to show that you can renovate an off-site built home just like you would any other home. She has proven that a prefab house can grow with your family just like a site-built home.

“I think the key to making a house your home is to find a style that your really like and just go with it,” said Ashley.

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