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Family Finds Sustainable Homeownership through Next Step Network

January 21, 2022

The lack of available affordable housing is a large barrier, keeping many individuals and families from experiencing the wide benefits of homeownership. Democratizing attainable housing is one of Clayton’s core missions. Off-site built housing can be a solution for many families and individuals who want to own a home.

Next Step Network is a nonprofit organization focused on putting sustainable homeownership within reach for everyone while transforming the manufactured housing industry by promoting consumer education, affordability and energy efficiency. Next Step provides a variety of services to potential home buyers, such as education, financial coaching and home locating. Robert and Chastity Woody are program graduates and are an outstanding example of a family who became Clayton homeowners thanks to Next Step.

Robert and Chastity went to their local USDA office for financing, and after completing homebuyer education, they were pre-approved for their home loan. Unfortunately, even though they had been approved for financing, they couldn’t find an available home that met their needs or was in their price range, as the housing prices were too high – and rising – in Asheville, NC. At this point, their USDA representative pointed the Woody family towards Mountain Housing Opportunities, a Next Step Network member, to meet with the staff.

Thanks to Next Step, Robert and Chastity and their two kids were able to purchase a new off-site built home and property. Now the Woodys have a place to call their own, a place for their kids to grow up and an opportunity to build value over time.