Social Responsibility

Clayton Bradley - Ignite the Power of Learning

January 20, 2022

Education is a pillar of giving at Clayton because of its exponential impact. Developing young people brings positive change to the students, our community and the local workforce. In 2013, Clayton and the Innovative Education Partnership established Clayton-Bradley Academy to focus on collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, citizenship skills called Lifelong Guidelines and LIFESKILLS. By emphasizing these areas of development, Clayton-Bradley prepares Pre-K through 12th-grade students for success in careers and in life.

The school uses a rigorous and integrated STEM curriculum based on brain research. Students engage deeply in content areas and with each other through “being-there” experiences, creative project-based learning and real-world applications. As a result, students find a passion for learning and growth.The combination of positive emotional and skill development sets Clayton-Bradley apart in developing student leaders and improving the community.

One example of the impact this school has on the global community is a student project with e-NABLE, a virtual community that connects volunteers from around the world to create simple prosthetic hands and arms for people in need. Jaden Bogert and Caroline Stedina were students in a project-based engineering class at Clayton-Bradley when their teacher introduced the students to e-NABLE. Jaden and Caroline were able to successfully complete their class project using engineering, math, 3D printers and other materials to mold and create a prosthetic for a young girl.

Through a focus on STEM curriculum and project based learning, students at Clayton-Bradley Academy have the ability to positively impact our communities today and in the future.

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