Social Responsibility

Clayton and Family Promise Partnership

Preventing Family Homelessness

April 20, 2022

Family homelessness can have a long lasting and devastating impact. According to Family Promise®, more than 3 million children experience homelessness a year. These children are eight to nine times more likely to repeat a grade, three times more likely to be placed in special education programs, and seven times more likely to attempt suicide. 42 percent of those children will drop out of school at some point and 47 percent suffer from anxiety, depression, or withdrawal.

Three years ago, Clayton and Family Promise established A Future Begins at Home to help prevent families with children from experiencing homelessness. Through innovative grants to Family Promise Affiliates and home donations, A Future Begins at Home enables families facing housing insecurity to remain in their homes or secure stable housing.

Through A Future Begins at Home, Clayton has supported more than 4,500 families at risk of experiencing homelessness, including more than 9,100 children, through case management, rental assistance, landlord mediation, transportation and childcare support, and other important resources. The program has catalyzed more than $5.4 million in partner funding, generating additional reach and impact. More than 75 percent of families who receive assistance through A Future Begins at Home continue to have stable housing long-term.

Family Promise of Greater Beloit, WI was one of 35 Affiliates to receive a $10,000 - $15,000 grant from A Future Begins at Home in 2021. The Affiliate supported many families with the funding, including one family who needed partial rent payment after the mother lost her job and used her savings and unemployment to support her family. Because of A Future Begins at Home, this family was able to remain in their home during an uncertain time. The mother has since secured a new job and has resumed paying rent on her own.

“This is just one of hundreds of stories we’ve heard this year where A Future Begins at Home grants are helping families on the brink of experiencing homelessness,” said Claas Ehlers, Family Promise CEO. “A child’s future truly begins at home, and this funding allows our local Affiliates to help keep families in their homes and prevent children from ever experiencing the trauma of homelessness.”

In addition to providing grant funding, Clayton has donated 14 off-site Clayton Built® homes to provide stable housing for families who have graduated from Family Promise programs and are working toward housing stability. Eight of these homes have been used for transitional housing, which bridges the gap from homelessness to permanent housing, helping many families for years to come.

In 2023, our partnership aims to prevent more than 2,000 families and 4,000 children from becoming homeless through 80 Affiliate grants and two transitional home donations.

Clayton and Family Promise believe that all families deserve stable housing. Our partnership aligns with Clayton’s commitment to be a force for good where we live and work, in part by helping individuals and families have a stable place to call home.

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