Social Responsibility

A Focus on Attainable Housing for All

April 20, 2022

Removing Barriers for Affordable Homeownership

Clayton and Next Step®, a national nonprofit housing organization, work closely together to change the stigma associated with manufactured housing and remove barriers for affordable homeownership. By enabling more individuals, families and communities to view and utilize manufactured homes as an affordable homeownership solution, more people are able to realize the American dream of owning a home.

Expanding Knowledge on Manufactured Housing as an Affordable Housing Solution

Clayton partners with NeighborWorks® America to support the organization’s mission of creating opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improving their lives and strengthening their communities. By providing manufactured housing toolkits and support for the nonprofit’s coaching program, the partnership expands knowledge, builds capacity, and addresses challenges faced by NeighborWorks’ affiliates in advancing manufactured housing strategies. Affordable housing is key to helping many families enjoy a safe, secure future – the goal of both Clayton and NeighborWorks America.

Healthy Housing Initiative Focused on Rural America

Clayton supports the non-profit organization Rural LISC to aid the agency’s Healthy Housing initiative. Rural LISC was founded on the principle that “place matters” – where a family lives is a key factor in health, wellbeing, and success – and nothing is more central to “place” than a home. Clayton’s support enables Rural LISC to strengthen its work in developing and preserving safe, decent, and affordable housing for those at greater risk living in rural America.

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