Why Buying a Prefabricated Home is a Great First Investment

Stop Renting! Why Buying a Prefabricated Home is a Great First Investment

Currently renting and want put money toward something you can call your own? Purchasing a manufactured home can be a great investment in your future, find out how!

Purchasing a home is a huge life decision, especially if you are a first-time home buyer, and understanding what you’re getting when you buy your first house is important for being ready for your investment. If you’re currently renting and want to begin putting money toward something you can call your own, purchasing a prefabricated home is a great investment in your future!

Paying for Something to Call Your Own

When renting a home, there can be some hefty upfront costs such as security deposits, maintenance and pet fees, and first month’s rent. You work hard to put all the money down necessary to rent a space to call a place home, but at what cost? A landlord will be receiving all of your hard-earned money while you’re left with little to call your own.

Buying a home can be an intimidating task, so it’s definitely important to know when you’re ready to purchase a home. Purchasing a prefab home is a great step to take in order to get into a place of your own, without breaking the bank.

Although the costs of buying a home may seem significant, they are small compared to the monthly cost of renting a home or apartment that never becomes your own. When you pay monthly toward a manufactured or modular home, you are paying for a home that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime!

Customizing Your Home

Coming home to a place you have customized to your liking can be the most therapeutic way to relax after a long day. Customizing your first home can not only be relaxing, but one of the most fun benefits of owning a place of your own!

For most conventional rental properties, you are restricted to design guidelines set by your landlord. These guidelines can consist of bland paint colors and the inability to hang most wall décor. Not to mention the agony of having to ask permission from your landlord to update or improve any outdated items in the home.

Not only do you get the freedom to decorate as you want, but you can also customize your Clayton Built® home based off the model you choose. You will be able to customize simple aesthetic features like paint color, but also delve further in the personalization of your home. Adding things such as an entertainment center, breakfast bar and even an additional bedroom or bathroom is possible.

Investing in Your Home’s Quality

You work hard for your money, and that’s why you want to make sure you are making a smart investment. All Clayton Built®homes are built to very high standards of structural strength and durability to ensure you’re purchasing a quality built home for your first home investment.

Our trained builders construct each part of the home precisely so that your walls, roof, flooring and favorite features come together to create the home of your dreams. Walk-throughs are also performed at each stage of the construction process, and each home is thoroughly inspected before it leaves the facility to ensure that you are receiving a well-built home. 

Exceeding expectations is our goal, that’s why when you stop renting and decide to make your first house a prefabricated home, you make the decision to invest in a home that you can enjoy for a lifetime. You get to stop making monthly payments toward something that will never be yours and start investing in a smart housing option. The best part is that you get a beautiful, affordable slice of the world you get to call your own!

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