Who Makes Modular Home Code Standards? (And Why You Should Care)

Who Makes Modular Home Code Standards? (And Why You Should Care!)

Surprise! Modular home code isn't a thing, but modular homes are still built to standards. Learn about the difference between modular and manufactured.

When it comes to buying the home of your dreams, building codes aren’t typically one of the first topics you would consider. However, they can play a huge role during your home buying journey!

Some neighborhoods and subdivisions require you to have either a site built home or a modular home which means a home that is not built to HUD Code and is instead built to a different set of requirements.

Who’s in Charge of Modular Home Codes?

This can be confusing because it’s common to assume that manufactured homes and modular homes abide by the same building codes since they can be built in the same home building facility. But that is not the case.

Modular homes are not built to HUD Code and they're also not built to specific modular home code standards.

Rather, modular homes are built in a facility in such a way that they conform to all applicable state, local and/or regional codes required by the final location of the home, just like site built homes!

The key difference between site built and modular homes is not the quality of the home, but where the homes are built. Building a modular home inside a climate controlled facility has many perks to it, like the affordability of the home.

So Why Does it Matter?

When you purchase a Clayton Built® modular home, your home consultant at your local home center should be able to help you find out what permits you need and whether or not there are certain local rules about your home’s exterior appearance.

The home building facility that builds your modular home will also make sure that when it builds your dream home, it conforms to all applicable codes required by the area in which your home is placed!

Once the modular home of your dreams is set up, it will be the local government building official’s responsibility to perform an inspection and issue building and occupancy permits.¹

About State and Local Codes

Many state and local governments adopt their building codes from the International Code Council instead of creating and enforcing unique codes.¹ However, there can easily be additional requirements or amendments to International Code that local or state governments will maintain.²

You can learn about the state codes your modular home builder will follow at Modular Home Building Institute if you want to know more!

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