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Quiz: Which Type of Home is it?

Modular, manufactured and mobile… do you know the difference between these different types of homes? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

In today’s housing world, you probably hear a ton of different terms thrown around when you talk about off-site built housing. It can be difficult to differentiate between all the different types, so we want to help you become as informed as possible about your options. Let’s get into some basics, then we will quiz your knowledge.

So, what exactly is a manufactured home? Basically, it is a home that is built indoors in a building facility and then placed on a home site, according to HUD code. The code sets standards for things like the plumbing and electrical systems, all aimed at ensuring the quality and durability of your manufactured home.

And what about mobile homes? Well, true mobile homes that were meant to be easily moved and had little building oversight and haven’t been built since 1976, when the HUD code went into effect.

I know what your next question is: What separates manufactured homes from modular homes, then? Well, it mostly has to do with the codes the two types of homes are built to. We have a great article on modular homes and how they are built to state and local codes, if you want to learn more about the specifics.

Bonus round: CrossMod™ homes! This new category of home is a crossover between an on-site and off-site built home, including features like a permanent foundation and a garage, carport or covered porch.

Pop quiz time! (All right, you knew it was coming, so technically it’s not a pop quiz.) Let’s see if you can spot the correct type of home based on its exterior!

Well, how’d you do? Regardless if you aced this or not, you can always learn more about how we put our homes together. Check out our Clayton Unbuilt feature to see our step-by-step building process!

**CrossMod is a trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute.

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