What Does Clayton Do?

We are a diverse builder offering traditional site-built homes, modular homes, and manufactured housing, but that's not all! Learn more.

What Does Clayton Do?

Clayton Homes first opened its doors in 1956, and we have had the privilege of providing quality built, affordable homes to families across America ever since. We are a diverse builder offering traditional site built homes, modular homes, manufactured housing, “tiny” homes, college dormitories, military barracks and apartments. In 2015, the Clayton home building group built over 34,000 homes, and our home centers were able to help more than 18,000 families achieve homeownership.

Clayton Mobile Homes Grand Opening

Our mission is to help open doors to a better life. Since 1956 we have experienced tremendous growth in our business and now have 37 home building facilities and over 300 home centers nationwide. We strive to help hardworking Americans and their families achieve the American Dream of owning a home. By providing an opportunity to affordable homeownership, adopting green practices and giving back to our community, we will continue to shape the nation’s housing industry and pioneer innovation in the housing industry.

We’ve made a name for ourselves building manufactured and modular homes. When you buy a home from Clayton, you can expect outstanding comfort and quality. Choose from hundreds of floor plans, and then customize your new home to match the uniqueness of your personality and lifestyle.

Your home is specifically engineered to last a lifetime with materials that are designed to provide maximum strength and durability. Once the building is complete, your home is examined by certified third-party inspectors before it leaves our home building facility for quality assurances in regards to federal and local compliance code for structural strength and safety, plumbing plans and systems, fire safety and air quality. When you buy a Clayton Built® house, you’re getting more than just that—you’re getting a home to make memories in that will last a lifetime.

Building Green

We are committed to building green at Clayton. Our homes are constructed in climate controlled environments, free from any outside elements, where we can regulate waste and energy usage levels.  Excess building waste is minimized by having exact dimensions and measurements for our building materials.  We recycle cardboard, plastic, carpet padding, vinyl siding and scrap wood and use as much of the wood and wood-derived materials as possible in our building process. The leftover materials go to a mulch company, keeping as much of it out of landfills as possible.

Building Manufactured Home in warehouse

Rock and wood dust is captured through vacuum systems to eliminate particles disbursed through the construction process. Our water, air and chemical control programs ensure that our facilities keep their neighbors safe by protecting the surrounding communities. This also saves us money, and we pass those savings on to you by offering an affordable housing option. By building efficiently and monitoring energy consumption, we save money over time which means our customers get to save even more money.

Green Manufactured Housing

How We Build Homes

Clayton has many years of experience in building strong, quality homes. We have tested and improved our products and practices to ensure that you and your family will enjoy the value of your home for many years to come.

Customer's Mobile Home

A Clayton home is built to very high standards of structural strength and durability. Every home must to go through a series of rigorous checkpoints and inspections that test exterior quality, plumbing lines, interior details and electrical outlets. Our homes are built to federal HUD Code building requirements, which include very specific construction and design elements depending on the HUD Wind Zone where the home will be located. Learn more about our building process and begin your home buying journey today! 

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