Quiz: What Do You Need in Your New Home?

Deciding what you need in your home can be a challenging process. How are you supposed to know what to focus on, or what features you need the most? Don’t worry, we got you. Take a breath, then take our quiz!

So you’re looking for a new manufactured or modular home — great! You’ve made the first step toward homeownership. I’m so proud of you!

Now let’s discuss some things. What do you need out of your home? Are you looking for an open floor plan with flex spaces for you and your family? What about a home that’s energy efficient with lots of storage? Maybe you need something that’s not super hard on your hard-earned savings, or maybe you want all the features and upgrades you can possibly get, and cost isn’t a factor.

I know, I know. This home buying process seems like a lot, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Having an idea of what you want and need can help you and your local home center consultant find the perfect home for you.

Take a quick minute of your day to take this quiz, and hopefully I can give you a clear starting point in your home buying journey. And if you’ve got the time, here’s another 20 questions to think about when it comes to your new home to help you out along the way.

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Dreaming of a kitchen island or an extravagant walk in closet? Our homes offer a wide array of available features for you to explore.

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