Changing Trends in the Manufactured Housing Industry

Exterior of a manufactured home with a child outside riding a bike.

From modern styles to advanced construction processes, manufactured housing trends will be forever changing. Find out what the Clayton Built® team is doing to adapt, and what it means for our home buyers.

In an ever-changing world, keeping up with innovations and top trends is now more important than ever. People have set high standards for the quality they expect from their new home, and the Clayton Built® team has made it their goal to exceed these expectations.

So whether “quality” refers to a sturdy roof and foundation, state-of-the-art construction technology or the newest modern home designs, the Clayton Built® team is covering all the bases. Are you wondering what Clayton is up to next? Check out how we stay up to date in an always evolving industry.

How Are We Making Homes More Affordable?

Manufactured housing building facility with windows.

In most places, the price of a new home is now more expensive than ever before. But, does this mean you have to put your dream of becoming a homeowner aside? Absolutely not!

The Clayton Built® team has developed a construction model to save on homebuilding costs right from the start. Our building process allows us to construct our homes indoors through a network of building facilities throughout the nation. This process allows our home builders to use robotics and conveyance to move materials faster through the facilities, which saves our builders time and money.

Our own internal supply team, Clayton Supply, also seeks out quality materials that are more cost effective when bought in bulk. That means we purchase materials like toilets, windows and cabinetry in large quantities to save you money while not sacrificing the quality you deserve.

An Entirely New Category of Homes: CrossMod®

Exterior of a manufactured home with a child and dog playing.

The Clayton Built® team knew the housing industry was changing. Between looking at new financing options, better technology and requests from home buyers to have features like a garage, covered porch and a higher roof pitch, there was definitely a need for a new category of homes.

This is why we’ve taken part in a project led by the Manufactured Housing Institute to create CrossMod® homes! And the best part about owning a CrossMod® home? For the first time in manufactured housing history, these off-site built homes can now appraise similarly to a traditional site-built home. By meeting new criteria like special HUD codes and building requirements, a CrossMod® home offers stunning new style options and the investment return you’ve been looking for.

Who Is Buying Clayton Built® Homes Now?

Exterior of a manufactured home with a family standing outside of it.

We believe the dream of homeownership should be more than just a distant thought. But, with the median home price rising 76% in the last 10 years, more and more people are having to push their dream aside… No matter what age they are. Clayton wants to give these homebuyers the option to buy their very own quality home, without breaking the bank. So, who is buying Clayton Built® homes now?

The baby boomer generation generally prefers to live an active and independent life as they enter their retirement years. In order to fulfill this lifestyle, this group prefers a more affordable housing option to comfortably enjoy their retirement. But, baby boomers aren’t the only one making the shift! We have found millennials are also changing the way they buy homes. With the cost of living on the rise, millennials are looking to escape high rental costs, and move into a lower maintenance housing option.

There will always be changing trends in the housing industry. Whether it’s understanding who is buying manufactured homes or exploring the changing technology that goes into them, we know one thing – Manufactured housing is on the rise. If you want to know more about Clayton’s changing trends, check out what the team has to say about off-site built homes. Or maybe you’re ready to start building your home today!

CrossMod® is a registered trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute.

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