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The Perks of a Prefab Home

Learn what a prefab home is and why it's a great option for first-time homebuyers!

In the home industry, you might hear a variety of terms like “stick built,” “site built,” “manufactured,” “modular,” “prefab,” and “mobile” all in the same conversation. Some of the terms overlap, but each has different associations.

What is Prefab?

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The term "prefabricated home" encompasses any home that has parts constructed in a facility and are later assembled at the home site. “Panel,” “precut” and “modular” homes all fall under the prefab category.

Basic Explanation of Terms

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Although not an all-encompassing definition, a panel home often means the builder starts by putting down an initial floor and foundation at the designated site. Then, they lower pre-constructed walls into place and assemble the home on-site.

Pre-cut homes, sometimes called kit homes, have separate pre-constructed units that are shipped to a site and assembled on the site. All of the materials are pre-cut and sized, but tend to be just for the exterior of the home. These homes have existed since the early 1900s and are like life-sized build-your-own-home kits.

Modular homes have larger units that have already been outfitted and built in a facility. These units, often made of high quality materials, conform to both state and local codes. The finished units are transported and then assembled at the home site.

Perfect for Your First Home

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Prefab homes allow the first-time home buyer to buy a safe, affordable, customizable and beautiful home. They’re often more affordable than traditional site built homes because in an indoor facility, builders can reduce waste and streamline production, which saves the buyer costs. And the more a home is pre-constructed, the less builders have to worry about climate problems!

Controlling every step of the building process and purchasing quality materials in bulk to lower costs are just some of the ways we get to reduce the costs of building your dream home so we can pass the savings on to you.

Clayton’s very own VP of Marketing, Mike Duncan, recently outlined the benefits of prefab homes for first-time home buyers in an article by Ana Connery of NewHomeSource™:

“Our prefab homes are a good option for first-time homebuyers due to their customizability, quality construction, low maintenance and affordable cost,” says Mike Duncan, VP of Marketing at Clayton Homes. “Prefab homes are just like manufactured homes; they’re built to a rigid series of standards and certifications, often utilizing the same construction methods that site-built contractors use.”

Clayton’s modular and manufactured homes offer many customizable options, can have fewer unexpected costs come up than constructing a site built home and come brand new to the buyer. More perks include the ability to own your own home for less and precise construction that gives the buyer high a high quality, energy efficient home that will last a lifetime.

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