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How Bust a Move Helped the Bryson Family in South Carolina

After the Bryson family lost their 1972 single wide in an unfortunate fire, they found a new All About the Shower model in Clayton's Bust A Move sale!

This fall, Teresa and Allen Bryson bought a home during the Bust A Move year end sale from our Clayton Homes home center in Anderson, South Carolina!

In an unfortunate fire incident, their 1972 single wide home burned down. They got a call explaining that their home had burned down while they were away spending time with their son.

Still unsure of how the fire began, Teresa explains that she was thankful they weren’t at the house and are still alive. However, they lost everything they had in the fire and had to live in a hotel for a month and a half as they searched for an affordable new home.

As they began searching for a new home, they made a visit to Clayton Homes of Anderson.

“I was talking to them and I went back because they were really nice people,” Teresa explains. “If you want a home, go to Clayton. They’ll treat you right. They’re there for you.”

The Bryson family speaks highly of the home center manager Michael Cantrell and his team. Clayton Homes of Anderson helped them get a new [All About the Shower model]( "All About the Shower Model")!

![Giles All-About-The-Shower SHR16763A MBath 5201-1](//

According to Teresa, their new home is more affordable than their previous home, and Teresa also describes it as much nicer. The Bryson family also finds it easier to get around in their new home, especially with their new shower. Because of limited mobility, Teresa and Allen love having a step-in shower and more space.

Part of the reason their new home is more affordable is the Energy Smart Home Package they bought with the home. They had high utilities in their previous home and have noticed a significant difference in their utility costs as they’ve settled into their new Clayton home.

![Energy Smart Board](//

Now, as they get ready for their first Christmas in their home, Teresa says they’re glad to be there and glad to be alive.

By Busting a Move with Clayton, the Brysons get to celebrate Christmas this year in a new Clayton home.

Many other families like the Bryson family have gotten the home of their dreams this year with the Bust a Move sale. Head over to your local Clayton Homes home center to find a beautiful Clayton manufactured home to call your own! 

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