Quality and Innovation: Manufactured and Modular Home Exteriors

Mobile Home Exterior

Do you want to know how the exteriors of manufactured homes are built? Check out this article!

Are you curious about how we construct the beautiful exteriors of our Clayton Built® homes during the manufactured or modular home building process?

After the roof is constructed inside one of our climate controlled home building facilities, house wrap is installed around the exterior of the home to provide a vapor barrier and second line of defense that can protect the home from the elements and help reduce energy costs.

Once the home is wrapped, skilled craftsmen install durable, low maintenance siding made from the same materials that are used on a site built home. Our friendly and knowledgeable home consultants can answer questions you may have about the siding material, color and upgrade options that are available in your area.

During each stage of the building process, each Clayton Built® home goes through an internal rigorous inspection by our home builders, as well as by a government certified inspection agency. Our skilled builders also complete a quality inspection of the home once it is constructed before it leaves the facility.

Many of our team members have years of experience building homes and strive to build homes precisely every day. We do this because we know we don't just build houses, we're building homes that families like yours get to call their own.

Our internal inspection includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pressure-tested plumbing lines
  • Electrical outlets
  • Exterior inspection for consistency and quality
  • Quality walk-through to check walls, doors, trim and flooring

At Clayton, we want your home to be the home of your dreams to create lifelong memories in. We don’t just build you a house. We build you your own slice of the world to call home. Learn more about Clayton Built®.

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House wrap is installed as a second line of defense to protect your home against the elements and help reduce energy bills. After your home is wrapped, durable and low maintenance siding is installed by hand. Ask your home consultant about color options and available upgrades for your home’s siding!

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