Quality and Innovation: Manufactured and Modular Home Subfloors

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Have you been curious about the subflooring in Clayton Built® manufactured and modular homes? While incorporating our engineered flooring system, the subfloor is installed. This process begins with the welded foundation being wrapped in a nylon reinforced vapor barrier. The vapor barrier adds a layer of protection from moisture and helps prevent pests and allergens from getting into the home. On top of the vapor barrier, a thick blanket of insulation is laid down to improve energy efficiency! As the flooring comes together, a PEX plumbing system is installed within the insulation blanket to help maintain consistent water temperatures year round and prevent leaks.

Once the plumbing is in place, interlocking floor decking is set in place to help maintain a structurally sound floor. The floor decking is then sanded to provide a smooth surface for the floor covering. Water resilient, no wax floors from trusted brands like Congoleum* or Beauflor* are used in most kitchens, bathrooms and other areas while Shaw Carpeting* and other flooring options are available for the rest of the home. Check out our next article in this series to Learn How Exterior Walls Are Constructed!   

At Clayton, we have a commitment to building more than a house, we realize we are building a home! That's why we try to build the best we can!

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Quality and Innovation: Manufactured and Modular Home Subfloors


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Once the foundation is secured, your home moves to our flooring experts. Before insulation is rolled out, we lay down a nylon reinforced vapor barrier which adds a layer of protection to help keep moisture out of your home and serves as an extra barrier against pests and allergens.

On top of the vapor barrier, a thick blanket of insulation keeps your home comfortable and improves its energy efficiency. 

The engineered floor system provides a solid foundation for your flooring, ensuring a solid feel that doesn’t give even after years of use. Just take a walk through a home and feel its sturdiness!

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