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How Clayton Built® Has Changed the Game – Home Exteriors You’ll Love

 Manufactured home exterior with modern green siding and a high roof pitch.
A home exterior to remember – Which incredible Clayton Built® home is perfect for you?

When you imagine an older prefab home, what comes to mind? For some, you will imagine running up to Grandma’s front door for a batch of those irreplaceable cookies. When you arrived, you may remember seeing rusted siding or exposed cinderblocks… Yikes.

You may also remember the home being small or compact with narrow halls and bedrooms that were not so generous in size. Well, I’m here to tell you that a Clayton Built® home is not your grandma’s mobile home… Mainly because mobile homes are no longer in production across America.

That’s right, we’re much more than that! Talking about features of our prefab homes like our gorgeous siding is a perfect way to show you just how far we’ve come. So, let’s check out some Clayton Built® homes with gorgeous exteriors.

2098 Heritage

Exterior of a manufactured home with blue siding and stone accents.

The 2098 Heritage is a great place to start! This home is definitely not your typical prefab house. When it comes to making a statement on your block, color is key… And this home has just that. With a modern blue color, stone accent features and stark white shutters, this home leaves a lasting impression.

And while the look of the home is always an important aspect, what about what the materials the home is made of?

The Clayton Built® team wants to be extremely transparent about the incredibly durable products we use to build our homes. That’s why we came up with Clayton Unbuilt, a tool that allows you to take apart a real Clayton Built® home.


Exterior of manufactured home with blue and gray siding and stone accents.

Ah yes, the Breckenridge… One of my favorites. Another home that gets a “Grade A” on the color spectrum. Not only does this home give you gorgeous stone accents, but it also features a high roof pitch that you don’t get with a conventional prefab home.

Other features that set this home apart are the large windows all throughout, and the convenient front door nook. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the Breckenridge is versatile for any lifestyle.

The Lulamae

Manufactured home with white siding and black accent features.

OK, this one is for all you farmhouse fanatics out there! The Lulamae is a true showstopper inside and out. The clean white siding in contrast with the bold black windows and doors creates a beautiful and striking look.

One of the most unique features about this home is the charming wraparound porch. With room for rocking chairs, a grill or a small container garden, this porch will soon be your favorite place to kick back and relax.

I’ve showed you several beautiful houses today, but how can you go about keeping track of all your favorite Clayton Built® homes? Through creating a favorites account, of course! A favorites account allows you to compile all things Clayton Built® related, whether that be a favorite home, decorating ideas, home improvement and much more.


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