How to Plan a Living Room Layout in 5 Steps

How to Plan a Living Room Layout in 5 Steps

Planning your living room for the best family time or relaxation time isn't hard with these five steps! Start with the shape of your room...

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home because it is the space you spend a lot of time in with your family!

Finding the correct layout full of feng shui and creating the atmosphere you want can be challenging. Follow these simple steps to design and plan your dream living room layout so that it is the perfect space for game nights, conversation, watching your favorite sports teams and relaxing!

 Living room with two couches, a chair, a coffee table, two windows, a ceiling fan and a rug.

1. Consider the Shape of Your Living Room

The first thing you should consider when you design your living room is how the room itself is structured.

  • Is it square? Keep furniture away from the wall and group pieces around a great coffee table!
  • Is it rectangular? Experiment with arranging furniture on the diagonal or creating two separate seating areas!
  • Is it long? Then avoid narrow furniture that makes the room feel even longer!
  • Is it a compact space? To make the room feel airy, try couches and chairs that are raised off the floor and don't have skirts!
  • Is it off by itself, separated from other rooms or is it open and sharing space with other parts of your home?

Check out the layout of this long living room in the Breeze II model by Clayton! The furniture is focused on the opposite entertainment center and the love seat set at a slight diagonal adds visual interest to the room.

Living room with fireplace and built-in bookcases on either side, with a couch in front.

2. Consider the Available Space in Your Living Room

As you decide where furniture and decor should go, you should also consider:

  • Where are the windows?
  • How much wall space do I have?
  • Where are the outlets?
  • Where is the fireplace?
  • Where is my entertainment center or TV?

Every living room design has its own pros, cons and challenges. Check out layout ideas from HGTV to see the differences in each layout to help you plan your layout!

Living room with two beige couches and a large coffee table, with two framed pictures on the wall.

3. Consider the Function of Your Living Room

Different families use their living room space as a place for conversation, a place to watch television, a place to play board games and or a place just for relaxation.

It is important to decide which function you want to focus your living room on. Each function means a different layout possibility!

For example, if you want your living room to be mostly for conversation, lay out your furniture in a circular format where all seats and sofas are facing one another to promote easy conversation opportunities.

Blue living room with couch and chair, large coffee table on a rug and two corner windows.

4. List Items You Will Need

I find it easiest to list each piece of furniture, decor item and entertainment source I want to include.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I want love seats, a recliner, a sofa or a combination of them?
  • Do I want a coffee table, side table or ottoman?
  • Do I want to include a book shelf, entertainment center or television?
  • Do I want a rug, floor runner, paintings or any other decor to make the room pop?

Tip: List your items in order of priority in case you don't have enough room or the budget for everything you want!

Living room with couch in front of two windows, two chairs, ottoman in the center and table.

5. Sketch it Out

You don't have to be an artist to sketch a basic idea of how you want to lay out your living room!

Drawing out your ideas will create a better visual of how things will look before you go through all the trouble of placing things and having to move them around multiple times.

Sketching out your space can help you figure out the exact position of your furniture and alert you to possible challenges ahead of time. This will save you a lot of time and effort once you begin to move things around your home!

You can make several sketches of your favorite ideas so you have plans in case you decide the first drawing does not meet your real life vision. You can also use the other sketches for when you decide you want to change the living room up again. Rearranging the layout of the furniture or adding decor to fit a new color pallete can really refresh your living room and make it feel like a whole new space.

Once you have gone through all of these steps, you can go purchase the decor that you need and begin arranging your dream living room!

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