Clayton Manufactured Home Skirting Materials and Options

Clayton Manufactured Home Skirting Materials and Options

Not everyone puts underpinning on a manufactured home, but skirting is important for a couple reasons and lets you customize your exterior!

When you buy your new manufactured home, you can not only customize the interior features to make your home an extension of your personal style, you can also customize the exterior of your home. This includes roof pitches, siding style, shutters and skirting.

Manufactured Home Skirting Materials

The skirting, also known as underpinning, that goes around manufactured homes can be made of a variety of materials. Most local home centers offer concrete, brick, vinyl and cinder block skirting options.

These skirting options can be styled different ways and be quite unique. For instance, vinyl is a material that’s easy to color and shape, so you can get manufactured home vinyl skirting that looks like other materials such as rock.

There are also skirting materials from other skirting vendors. You can purchase skirting materials cast from durable polyurethane, a type of plastic, that look like stone or brick. Some vendors even offer skirting panels that look like bamboo! You can also purchase plastic or wood lattice skirting to go around the perimeter of your home.

Where to Get Your Manufactured Home Skirting

The local home center where you purchase your new manufactured home will have skirting options that you can browse and purchase. They will likely have different home models set up with differing skirting styles that you can look at.

Model home at a home center

When you’re ready to purchase your skirting, you can work with your home center and contractor, who is finishing your home at your home site, to purchase your skirting of choice.

If you do want a different skirting style than the commonly offered concrete, brick, vinyl and cinder block options, talk to your home consultant or contractor about the best skirting option for your home and what they can put on your home.

Why Buy Skirting for Your Home

Attaching and maintaining the underpinning around your manufactured home is important for a couple of reasons:

1. It can keep out small animals and pests from getting underneath your home.
2. It can help keep your home temperature more stable because it encloses the space underneath your home.

You might think, why should I put skirting around my home and block off that space? Well, we do not recommend storing things underneath your manufactured home for some key reasons like possible moisture exposure to your belongings and possible piping damage.

And even with skirting, we know you need some ventilation underneath your home. That's why skirting is required to have ventilation openings on all sides of your home to allow for proper air flow. This air flow helps reduce moisture underneath your home.

Of course, the last reason to buy underpinning for your home is because skirting allows you to customize your home’s appearance. You can add a rustic look with a stone skirting or create a streamlined, clean look by matching the skirting with your siding. It’s totally up to you!

As you hunt for the home of your dreams, ask your home consultant about your skirting options so you can find the perfect option for your new home.

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