Top 6 Locations to Put Your Manufactured Home

At Clayton, we'll go to great lengths to get you the perfect home. Then, you just need the perfect location!

Location. Location. Location. There are certain non-negotiable qualities and features that we need in our homes. When you add in finding the perfect location, it can be difficult to find to get exactly what you want. Whether your primary concern is convenience, scenic views or a combination of the two, we understand your search.

We've gone to great lengths to make sure our home buyers' homes not only fulfill their unique needs and styles, but also sit on the landscape they desire. We know that it's possible to seamlessly fuse a great home and a prime location together, so when you find your perfect home location, our home centers can help you find contractors to put your dream home there on a safe, durable foundation.

Before you settle on a location for your home, however, talk toyour local home center and final site construction team, as not all land is suitable for home placement. Also ask your retailer about site installation requirements.

So where can you put a manufactured home? It will depend on local building and zoning requirements, but there are lots of places where you can place a new manufactured home. Here are some great ideas for your new home location!

Sandy Beaches

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Whether you enjoy the grainy, white beaches of Pensacola, FL, or the quiet beaches of Matagorda, TX, near the beach would be the perfect spot for your next home!

Peaceful Lakes

Can you tell we love the water? If you also enjoy the lazy, laid-back lifestyle that comes with lakeside living, make your next home a lake house. Lake activities, such as swimming and fishing, can be right in your backyard from lakes like Lake Toxaway in North Carolina, to the Great Lakes in the Midwest!

Homey Farmland

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You don't have to give up the farming lifestyle if it's your passion! Manufactured or modular homes sit perfectly on farmland across the country from Oklahoma to Indiana to Iowa, no matter the acre count.

Secluded Woods

Make your retreat the natural privacy of large oak, birch or evergreen trees. Secluding yourself from the noisy city life in a dense forest can be made easier with a modular or manufactured home.

Flat, Open Acres of Land

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A manufactured home or modular will settle well on a large, open property. You can watch the sunrise and sunset easily from your front porch without any hills, neighbors, buildings or mountains blocking your view.

Enormous Mountains

Overlooking valleys and evergreen trees that grace the mountainside, your new home could be a serene mountain house snuggled into the Smoky Mountains or the Rocky Mountains. The opportunity to explore trails right in your backyard can appeal to the beginner or most experienced hiker.

Once you have a home in mind, you can work with a real estate agent to find the perfect location.

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